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This calculator provides conversion of nautical miles to kilometers et backwards (km venir nmi). go into nautical miles or kilometers parce que le conversion: pick conversion type: nautical miles => kilometers kilometers => nautical milles round off options: 1 number after decimal alloue 2 number after decimal point 3 number after decimal mission 4 digits after decimal point 5 number after decimal mettre en ordre

Conversion Table

nautical mile to kilometers conversion Table:
nmi to kilomètre 1.0 = 1.852 2.0 = 3.704 3.0 = 5.556 4.0 = 7.408 5.0 = 9.260 6.0 = 11.112 7.0 = 12.964 8.0 = 14.816 9.0 = 16.668 nautical mile to kilometers 10 = 18.52 20 = 37.04 30 = 55.56 40 = 74.08 50 = 92.6 100 = 185.2 500 = 926 1000 = 1852 5000 = 9260
kilometers à nautical miles counter Table:
km à nmi 1.0 = 0.53996 2.0 = 1.07991 3.0 = 1.61987 4.0 = 2.15983 5.0 = 2.69978 6.0 = 3.23974 7.0 = 3.77970 8.0 = 4.31965 9.0 = 4.85961 kilometers à nautical miles 10 = 5.39957 20 = 10.79914 30 = 16.19870 40 = 21.59827 50 = 26.99784 100 = 53.99568 500 = 269.9784 1000 = 539.9568 5000 = 2699.78402

The nautical milles (symbol nmi, ns or NM) is a non-SI unit ns length supplied in quête (both marine et aerial). Auto nautical milles (mni) is nearly equal à one minute of arc of latitude along any type of meridian, et is about equal à one minute of révérence of longitude at thé equator. The nautical mile (nmi) = 1.852 kilometers (km) = 1852 meter = 1.15077945 statute milles = 6076.1155 feet = 2025.372 yards.

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