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The Domain Name system (DNS) is a distributed linternet system that maps human-readable name (like to IP addresses and serves ont the life link in auto customers’ numérique supply chain."s globally dispersed DNS service offers magnified DNS performance, resiliency, et scalability, so that end users connect à customers’ applications as quickly oui possible, from where they are.

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Dynamic DNS (DynDNS)

Dynamic DNS is thé solution parce que le ever-changing, hard à remember IP addresses. Begin a cost-free trial jaune buy Dynamic DNS venir create her easy à remember hostnames today.

Dyn customer Logins et Support

Are amie a calmer a Dyn customer after auto acquisition? elle can find tous your product logins et support resources provided here.

Dyn/ migration Support

Engineering teams have been completely Dyn"s products and services into auto Cloud framework platform.

DNS features

Optimize customers’ numérique assets et ensure the users can reach them ont quickly as possible.

DNS responsiveness Supported enregistrer Authoritative DNS an additional DNS DDoS protection Global anycast network

Customers leverage industry-leading DNS query response times (less 보다 30 milliseconds) to optimize their application and digital legacy performance. Propagate nouveau or modified DNS records globally in under a minute.

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Customers control DNS updates et domain names via’s standards-based decisive DNS service, which provides low-latency global DNS resolution parce que le web-based properties et automatic translation de domain names right into IP addresses.

Setting up a second DNS oui a redundant complement to thé customer’s main DNS prestations de service ensures critical applications remain available et that finish users have the right to reach application faster.

DDoS abri is an always-on detection and mitigation platform pour common DDoS volumetric attacks. The service protects versus common layer 3 et 4 strikes like SYN floods, UDP floods, ICMP floods, and NTP élargissement attacks. DDoS protection is had with all Cloud infrastructure (OCI) accounts et no configuration jaune monitoring is required. Surveillance is listed around auto clock pour malicious activity et delivered at no extra cost.

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Anycast addressing optimizes DNS performance, permitting consistent user experiences across thé globe. Within année anycast network, DNS requests are answered de the point of existence (PoP) closestly to the user making thé request—ensuring auto fastest faisabilité DNS performance.


Leading telecom provider in auto Nordics choose pour DNS

“We got ce up et working rather easily, had actually a good experience v our attempt account, and got a good feel at an early stage on à la the product instead of seul reading product documentation.”Hakon Smeplass, système Manager, Telenor