Ben e king stand by me

Ben E King's 'Stand by Me' is a timeless soul standard that celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2021.

Vous lisez ce: Ben e king stand by me

First released in 1961, it's encore a beloved song de millions of people around the world, and has become an anthem du love et hope across auto decades.

But je vous demande pardon inspired the original version by soul icon ben E King?

Who else has actually recorded it? What records has cette broken? Here's toutes les personnes the super facts about auto 1960s gospel anthem.

What influenced 'Stand par Me'?

According venir King, the title is obtained from, et was motivated by, a spiritual souper written par Sam Cooke et JW alexandre called 'Stand passant par Me Father', recorded de the heart Stirrers v Johnnie Taylor singing lead vocals.

The 3rd line de the seconde verse de the original song derives native 'Psalm 46:2c/3c'.

Meanwhile, 'Stand par Me' to be also auto name ns a gospel hymn written de Philadelphia minister Charles Albert Tindley in 1905.

His hymn ended up being popular in churches throughout thé American South and was recorded by various gospel acts in thé 1950s.

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Ben E king didn't desire to prendre note it

According venir the documentary History of Rock 'n' Roll, bénier E roi had no intention of enregistrer the souper himself.

He had actually actually created it parce que le his former group thé Drifters, who passed conditions météorologiques recording it. 

How did it perform in auto charts?

Amazingly, after its original release in 1961, the souper reached number 4 in auto US, and only alors 27 in thé UK.

However, the song cemented its position as an all-time favourite when it reached number one in thé UK in 1987.

This to be mainly tandis que to its usage in the movie of the same name the year before, as well a Levi's blue jeans advert at auto time.

Who has actually covered 'Stand par Me'?

The song has been covered at the very least 400 fois ever due to the fact that its d’origine release. These include:

Muhammad AliMaurice WhiteFlorence + auto Machine4 auto CauseSkylar Grey

Ben E roi once said: "David rugueux from the Temptations did a great version of it. And, du course, the one that hosted up in my head auto most was homme Lennon's version.

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"He take it it and made it oui if cette should have been his song as opposed à mine."

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