Bmw Gran Coupe Serie 4


The new 2022 BMW 4 séries Gran Coupe is larger in every dimension, and more powerful.

In their latest generation, thé newest 2022 BMW 4 séries Gran coupure models promise et deliver quel BMW deems is class-leading design, performance, infotainment, connectivity et advanced driver assistant systems. Measuring 5.9 inches longer, 1 inch wider et 2.1 inches higher than the previous maquette with a 1.8-inch longer wheelbase, this new déditions is larger in every le respect over the old 3 Series-based four-door coupe. For a an ext planted stance, thé track has also increased de 1.6 inch in auto front and 0.7 inch in auto rear.

Despite thé growth, BMW managed to shed some weight thanks to thé use ns aluminum components, along with auto hood et front fenders. Adding to thé advantage ns a broader track, extr torsional stiffness et a 50-50 weight distributed balance, BMW added “lift-related shock absorbers.” these shocks carry out extra damping venir control corps movement when driving over large bumps, ont well as preventing excessive body dive.

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2022 BMW 4 series Gran Coupe has actually high-tech power

Both, auto four et six cylinder TwinPower engines space assisted de a 48-volt soft hybrid system that to add 11 horsepower, et increases efficiency. Thé 430i Gran couper makes 255 horsepower and 295 lb-ft de torque. BMW says cette can advice from 0 to 60 mph in 5.8 seconds. Thé AWD BMW M440i xDrive Gran coupure produces 382 hp et 369 lb-ft of torque. Auto automaker states that thé BMW M440i xDrive Gran écrêtage can accelerate from 0 à 60 mph in 4.4 seconds.

Both engines space mated to thé latest 8-speed automatic transmission. This gives both du the 2022 BMW 4 series Gran échelle steering-wheel an installed shift paddles and Launch Control. Auto M440i additionally gets a la norme M des sports exhaust system.


Sport seats and a des sports multifunction steering wheel and an anthracite headliner are standard. Auto M440i xDrive Gran Coupe et the 430i Gran coupure with moyen Sport package features année M animal leather steering wheel, door sill key bearing the m logo and M Aluminum Tetragon inner trim.

M des sports differential

Traction and directional stability space improved by the moyen Sport differential, oui are agility et cornering dynamics. The electronically controlled, fully variable locking function in thé rear differential is la norme on the nouveau BMW M440i xDrive Gran Coupe et is available nous the BMW 430i Gran Coupe as part of the Dynamic dealing with Package.

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The 2022 BMW 430i Gran coupe MSRP is $45,795 including a $995 cible charge. The M440i xDrive Gran Coupe’s MSRP is markedly higher, at $58,995 to start.

BMW des plans to beginning the new 4 séries Gran écrêtage in 2021. Si you’re keen nous ditching gasoline power parce que le pure electricity, though, examine out the new BMW i4 below:

4 séries Gran coupure Specifications (per BMW):
430i Gran CoupeM440i xDriveGran Coupe
Number ns Doors44
Drive typeRWDAWD
Width consisting of mirrorsinches
Ground clearanceinches5.55.5
Turning radiusfeet19.719.7
Shoulder broad frontinches55.255.2
Shoulder pièce 2ndrowinches54.354.3
Legroom frontinches41.941.9
Legroom 2ndrowinches34.934.9
Headroom frontinches38.638.6
Headroom 2ndrowinches36.636.6
Trunk volumeft³12.012.0
Fuel Tank capacitygallons15.615.6
Curb weightlbs.3,7924,169
Gross car weightlbs.4,8505,247

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Weight distribution front / rearpercent49.8 / 50.252.1 / 47.9
Engine typeB46B20O1B58B30O1
Valves per cylinder44
Bore cf Strokemm82.0 x 94.682.0 cf 94.6
Compression rate:110.210.2
Engine powerhp255
1,800 – 5,000 rpm
Fuel typegasolinegasoline
Recommended Fuelpremiumpremium
Engine oil capacityquarts5.57.6
Output tout de suite literhp/liter127.6127.4
48-volt mild hybrid outputhp11
Transmission type8-speed des sports automatic8-speed des sports automatic
Gear ratios 1st gear5.255.25
Reverse gear3.713.71
Final conduire ratio2.932.93
Power-steering typeEPSEPS
Steering ratio:114.813.6
Tires, standard front / rear225/45R18 100H XL225/45R18 100H XL
Wheels, standard front / rearinches7.5 cf 187.5 voir 18
Track, frontinches62.462.5
Rear, trackinches63.563.5
0-60 mphseconds5.84.4
Top vitesse, vitesse (w/performance tires)mph130 (155)130 (155)
EPA Fuel Economy, city / hwympgTBATBA


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