Support the first livre ever on the finish filmography of brigitte Lahaie, a journey into français exploitation cinema from 70's et 80's.

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Dear backers


Thank you sauce soja much for this fantastique campaign, that directif us up venir 2.5 fois our initiale goal.


The copy ns the la communication print i m sorry was the 50.000€ strech goal will of arttasters be included with every book. Non need à worry about auto missing 24€.


We also ont a good news to share through you. And in these foncé hours, tu can't say non to that :


Brigitte Lahaie was impressed by your commitment right into this project, and she's willing venir participate to thé very heureux of auto book, by bringing elle own alloue of view with several éléments she will write for it. Conditions météorologiques hare very happy of that, et we expect that elle will be oui well.


We thank you again and send you de nombreux of kisses.




Live auto incredible adventure du the exploitation cinema of auto 70s et 80s through auto movies and career of the most cult french actress, brigitte Lahaie's. Gain the livre prepared pour two years through passion, abounding in splendid photos, interviews, anecdotes, information et analyses, v a DVD containing to exclude, bonuses (with english subtitles) and année unpublished movie (with english track) ! the more you appui us, the more nous shall add rare et untraceable movies with brigitte Lahaie !


As we aller not cater venir men, nous offer venir every girl that contributes, an argentic surprised picture de one the hot Brigitte’s partners.








Why did nous make a livre on brigitt Lahaie's filmography ?


Everything began deux years ago. Nous realized the nobody related, or knew, brigitt Lahaie’s movies. Conditions météorologiques could not permit this anymore. After a couple of weeks, nous asked her à la her consent, this is what we said venir her:


"Brigitte, we oui to let auto world sait of your career! amie lived much more than a hundred lives in tous kinds de movies, native pornography à horror, thrillers, adventure and comedy. Tu embody thé golden age of français porn, and you are the icon of french grindhouse. Her career is unique, abundant, extraordinary, full of images which profoundly was standing out venir us; your strong roles, hallucinating stories, collaborations with high personalities, tous so indicative du the popular cinéma of the 70s et 80s. Si you agree, we will launch a comprehensive livre about you. It is bound venir be a crazy book!"


With Brigitte's support, our project could now take form oui a livre which would reveal two extraordinary decades, beginning with a shy jeune woman discovering thé fascinating power of her body. She would then follow the joyful trend et libertarian movement of auto erotic et pornographic production, de asserting année absolute sex-related freedom de which elle become thé embodiment. She's notorious for having operated with: Christopher Lee, alain Delon, Henri Verneuil, Helmut Berger, roger Carel, Stéphane Audran, Aldo Maccione, Jean-Jacques Beineix, pierre Richard, max Pécas, michelle Galabru and many others.




It was two crazy decades when directors, actresses, actors, scriptwriters, producers, distributors and technicians dedicated tous their energy venir satisfy auto eager public's wants pour violence, butts, blood, fun, and often much much more than it.


It was necessary parce que le us to meet all of them, venir collect your words, their stories, your truths. Nous took an inventory of des postes from this period, registers, files, and even texts of laws. We established the meilleur iconography parce que le which ce would be possible to gather tous of brigitte Lahaie's insane beauty. See from hundreds of movies, and toutes les personnes the conceivable support.







What will the book look like?


We inviter you venir join us on this adventure riche in conversations et testimonies putting it toutes les personnes in perspective, in addition to a lot of surprises et revelations. We ont strong et rare images, such as photos de sets i beg your pardon were still never shown. Many ns the shootings of pornographic movies were photographed from every angle, as with other kind ns movies, were banned nous advertising la censure the X-rated movies made invisible hundreds du remarkable pictures, which nous had auto opportunity à reach, marqué you will certainly be maybe discover cette in auto book.




Interviews and anecdotes will make the enjoyment for gros time amateurs, when hard movies to be roll on 35mm, v beautiful images and well assumed dialogues, fabriquer in a festive spirit et good-natured provocation. Et for those who think that sex in auto screen was constantly like in amateur videos, ce is the chance to discover an authentic cinema for adults, ce existed well et truly.




If you like auto poetry of blue jeans Rollin's movies, of whom thé muse was brigitt Lahaie, elle will feel at home. Si you ont a weakness for French grindhouse movies with maléfiques nurses, moronic Nazis, or smutty humor or women-cops with big guns, elle are welcome! and if you créé that luc Besson is the tons one to oui made “genre movies” in France, ce is the moment to set the enregistrer straight.

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If brigitte Lahaie's images guided your awakening in sexuality, and if every of elle movie appearances inspired you a languishing sensual delight, elle will take auto same pleasure ont we à faire in this adventure written and embellished with image through elle filmography, next to those who fabriquer these movies, regularly with unconsciousness, occasionally with talent, cible always generously.


Brigitte Lahaie du course

Francis Mischkind, producer and distributor, founder ns d'Alpha France

Richard Allan, actor

Haydée Caillot, director

Gérard Kikoïne, director

Denise Lascène, actress

Ali Borgini, director

Pierre B. Reinhard, director

Alban Ceray, actor

Burd Trandbaree, director

Alain Goraguer, composer

Patrice Rhomm, director

Daniel Lesoeur, producer, president ns d'Eurociné

Louis-Albert Serrut, producer

François About, cinematographer

Michel Barny, writer et director

Jean-Marie Pallardy, director

Yves Sarda, editor

Jean-François Davy, director, producer et distributor

And more




They will certainly be accompanied par those who speak with intelligence et passion de these deux decades du popular entertainment, amongst which :


François Cognard, journalist, producer

Christophe Lemaire, journalist

Nicolas & Bruno, directors

Angell Summers, actress

Henri Gigoux, journalist, in charge of adul movies pour Canal+

Anna Polina, actress

Nicolas Castro, director

Denis Sebbah, actor and director

HPG, actor and director

Philippe Vandel, journalist

Liza cette Sierra, actress

François Vincentelli, actor

Karl Zero, director

Ariel Wizman, journalist

Fabrice aux Welz, director

Kobal, editor pour Nanarland

Fausto Fasulo, journalist, chef editor for Mad Movies


We additionally planned funny and instructive graphics, persevering collection of information et of long hours de video viewing. Amie will discover what will be possibly the life never published “nymphography”.


We reunited a chronicler in our team, Nicolas Lahaye, an author du a thesis ns the third période on ns movies, i m sorry brought nous its quite academic rigor venir study a non academic subject.


However, toutes les personnes the university knowledge de the world could not, in bien sur extreme situations, be ideal in front ns subjects i beg your pardon are black holes parce que le intelligence et thought. In these hopeless caisse of comedies, kissing being auto deepest stupidity, such as the 70s et 80s to be able à produce, it is necessary to know how to call overtrained special force of B et Z cinema, qui peut être of delivering out their commander in front ns the many stupid ever emerged images. Thus the experts of Nanarland will come to restore toutes les personnes the peculiarities de the “nanar” comedy v a case study particularly conceived.


The book will additionally contain original images, suggesting venir draftsmen, et confirming with jeune talents, revisiting cult plans, whole scenes, both restoring your vision ns the icon brigitt Lahaie. This is auto way Antonin Gallo (Monsieur To), Mr. A. Du Juvisy , iamo'i's, Jean Claverie et il maestro Milo Manara agreed à realize d’origine drawings which will certainly be gathered in the book.






Something appeared venir us throughout our trip: among auto movies which nous took for subject, many of those became an extremely difficult, even impossible to watch. Thanks to auto participative financing, we thus imagined to turn some ns these movies obtainable again. The collector's edition ns the book includes two DVDs.


We prepared sapin of tous a DVD bonus, which gathers interviews du Brigitte and the various speakers of the book, movies trailers digitized, et three movies v english subtitles :


Tuyauteries inavouables, passant par Enguerran Prieu (2014), a short cinématique which pays tribute in the super time of cf of 70’s.



Les Volets bleus, de Haydée Caillot (1988), a medium-length cinématique produces which will certainly make tu discover une quite different brigitt Lahaie's face, as actress in these light-hearted gallantries from Marseille with a particular charm. It's a brand new director's cut, edited parce que le this only dvd.




A.D.N. De Ali Borgini (1983), a fantaisie movie which thé director was not able à finish et was never broadcasted anywhere, i m sorry will reveal 24 minutes that nobody has ever seen ! brigitt is seen completely naked in this fantastic et expressionist movie, in between David exécution and Friedrich wilhelm Murnau.



To propose a full-length film becomes untraceable in its whole is an obvious fact. Elle will for this reason be the happy holders, always from auto collector's edition, de the unpublished movie since the time ns VHS, with Brigitte Lahaie du course, but also Christopher Lee, chris Mitchum (the son de Robert), and Richard Harrison, realized passant par the great master of b movies: Jess Franco, et produced de matchless français Euromovies firm... A movie so difficult to see the Nanarland granted it the grade du maximal rarity. It is a cinématicien about foncé Mission, the Flowers ns Evil (1988) who sees Brigitte and Chris Mitchum fighting versus drug dealers in Colombia! A DVD edition which conditions météorologiques realized especially pour our book, through bonuses, full de different languages, consisting of english ! You have not ever understood brigitte to speak Japanese or Polish? It's a once-in-a-life temps opportunity !




We would favor to marche farther still : the more that appui us, the more conditions météorologiques shall ajouter new unpublished movie in DVD for tous our supports from the collector's edition.

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Every temps we shall with a nouveau level et every temps we can realize economies ns scale (for example, thé price du printing drops considerably with the num of copies), we shall reinvest castle in auto rights, technological expenses et the realization of a new exclusive DVD with brigitt Lahaie. And movies with our favori actress, in tous registers, whom nous shall be dying venir make tu (re) discover, we ont some in front ns us. Thé more about our project, thé more nous shall succeed in making these movies watched again !




What about auto women?


You will raconter us the a livre on filmography ns such a beautiful actress who proved herself undressed a beaucoup during elle career will certainly please homme more. Well, conditions météorologiques shall sell each of our female contributors an argentic edition surprendre with one of her sexy partners!




We imagined any kind of height du compensations i beg your pardon are so many extensions of brigitte Lahaie's universe in the cinema. We were not reasonable, despite our efforts, nous took a lot of pleasure à make all this. Conditions météorologiques hope the that tu will find fémoral there which will certainly amuse you, jaune which will certainly tempt you.