Brittany Ferries St Malo To Portsmouth

Brittany ferries fleet du Portsmouth traversier to france provide a large selection ns sailing times and dates. Tous ferries sell superior onboard concertotable.commfort and carry both cars and passengers. Choose from our an option ofcruise ferriesfor be safe day or overnight sailings.

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Portsmouthis thé closest ferry port to London et with directement access from the motorway is easily reached from thé Midlands et Southern England.

The closest port to london offers thé widest choice ns routes venir France

Fast-craft, day jaune night cruises

Mix andmatch your routes



Portsmouth to est allé ferries

Portsmouth to caen is our most popular chemin with concertotable.comnveniently placed ports with excellent road links.

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Portsmouth to St Malo ferries

The Portsmouth à St Malo chemin is a popular choice pour a relaxing cruise sailing habitent into Brittany.


Portsmouth to cherbourg ferries

Sail native Portsmouth to cherburg in about eight hours et enjoy sailings on our brand new ships, Galicia et Salamanca.

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A choice ns routes to France and Spain that save you mile of driving and award-winning nous board service ensuring elle are concertotable.comnditions météorologiques holiday indigenous the instants you drive aboard.


BOOK through concertotable.comNFIDENCE

Ticket taper that let elle choose thé level ns flexibility essential when planning en vigueur travel



A 12 point guide the outlines thé measures and procedures taken venir protect tous on board



Taking your own car offers the freedom and reassurance you need throughout your holiday