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tant beaucoup, tellement of hard work et no distinct treatment: Here's how Elon Musk's mom says she increased successful enfant
"My parents treated us like adult who might be trusted, et their influence is obvious in how I raised my children," Maye Musk explained.
Much ns Maye"s parenting saint - indigenous implementing tough work à avoiding high-end experiences - to be inspired par her own upbringing. Workaholism operation in the Musk family.

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Hard work was a guiding principle de Elon Musk"s childhood, his mother Maye Musk created in an essay à la CNBC do It, et it"s one ns her favori parenting tips.

"People regularly ask me comment I raised such successful kids," Maye wrote for CNBC make It. "I raconter them je did it par teaching them about hard work et letting castle follow their interests."

In addition à Elon, auto single mother also raised two younger kids - réhibiliter Kimbal Musk et filmmaker Tosca Musk. Emphasizing tough work was a principle she picked increase from her own parents, Maye wrote parce que le CNBC. Maye"s father paid her et her twin sister à fold et mail advancement bulletins à la his chiropractic exercise when elle was a child. Beginning at the âge of 12, she also worked oui the office"s receptionist. Maye later on did the same when elle became a parent, putting elle three enfants to occupational at auto nutrition practice and modeling lécole she ran.

"Children don"t need venir be safeguarded from auto reality of responsibility," Maye wrote pour CNBC. "My enfant benefited since they saw me work hard seul to put a roof end our heads, put food in our stomachs, and purchase secondhand clothes."

Maye additionally made elle children take responsibility pour their own career paths, request them venir select their very own colleges et complete admission and student applications forms without elle help, elle wrote parce que le CNBC. Cible pushing duty alone isn"t enough venir guarantee that kids will turn into successful adults, according à her. The registered dietitian et model also discouraged est différent parents from spoiling your children par giving lock lives de luxury. Musk composed that she allowed her children to live in poor conditions during college consisting of a "mattress conditions météorologiques the floor, six roommates, jaune a dilapidated house," seul intervening à make sure they were physically safe.

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Elon has taken a different technique with his very own kids, elevating them in a Bel aviation mansion et sending lock to the invitation-only personal school hey founded, entreprises Insider formerly reported. Thé automotive executive, management did design the school"s curriculum à make sure thé children could se concentrer on subject they"re interested in, according venir Entrepreneur.

Other parents ns billionaires have echoed similar ressentir about functioning hard

Elon Musk isn"t the seul billionaire whose household emphasizes the dimportance of difficult work.

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Bill gates said his parent pushed him venir persevere at activities he didn"t naturally excel in, like swimming, soccer, football, et playing the trombone, prosper Global"s elisabeth Yuko reported. Auto elder facture dachat Gates likewise pushed his a venir billionaire le sien to pursue his very own interests also when lock didn"t agree - including facture dachat Jr."s eventual decision to drop out du Harvard to found Microsoft, told the Wall street Journal"s Robert guth in 2009.

" Mary and I were both concerned about ce - ns think she a peu more 보다 I," facture dachat Gates Sr. Told auto Journal. "Her expectations et mine were an extremely ordinary expectations ns people who oui kids in college - the they importer a degree."