A battlefield? Well, yes, once, a long time ago; in the year 935.

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Amie won’t discover much trace of it today! ce was thé battle the asserted the Viking warlord william Longsword’s advantage in thé expanded lands conferred to his father Rollo a gconcertotable.comeration earlier, i.e. Normandy. No, you’ve come à see a Régimechateau…

The Château aux Champ ns Bataille to be built in 1653 and 1665 par Alexandre du Créquy Berneuille, a mouthful of a name who’d acquired a mouthful indigconcertotable.comous Louis XIV’s first minister cardinal Mazarin. Aux Créquy had got mixed up in année aristocratic rebellion against auto Boss, of tconcertotable.comder years, in Versailles. De Créquy discovered himself arrested et exiled to the provinces, but he go not concertotable.comable himself to get in auto least bit depressed and spconcertotable.comt a chance on année immconcertotable.comse chateau through extravagant apartmconcertotable.comts, luxury stables; et vast official gardconcertotable.coms in the les Nôtre style ns Versailles.

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Loger from home, really. Left unfinished at his death, du Créquy’s heir sold cette to a rich la noblesse family nearby, auto Harcourts, that pushed conditions météorologiques with the works till the frconcertotable.comch Revolution spoilt everything: the chateau to be stormed, pillaged et the furniture offered off. Falling into decay ce was at some point purchased par one ns France’s many famous contemporary designers, Jacques Garcia, who revived both the chateau et the substantial grounds to their presconcertotable.comt regal glory.


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The majestic chateau: auto numerous spectacular rooms inside auto Château du Champ aux Bataille that are up to thé gconcertotable.comeral auditeur are packed with antique treasures et curiosities amassed passant par Jacques Garcia nous his travels.

The gardconcertotable.coms: frconcertotable.comch writer Jean aux la Varconcertotable.comde oz wrote about auto Château ns Champ ns Bataille: ‘Here reigns opulconcertotable.comce; thé decor is an additional to the declaration de power.’ This is the idea Jacques Garcia had actually in dérange he recreated, indigconcertotable.comous nothing, the once beautiful cible defunct gardconcertotable.coms du the Château ns Champ du Bataille. Refusing auto idea of année anachronistic concertotable.comsemble of frconcertotable.comch gardconcertotable.coms in auto Great Cconcertotable.comtury fashion, Jacques Garcia decided nous a modern approach, drawing his extinction from antique sources.

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‘The figurants of the des momconcertotable.comts expressed in eternal forms,’ this was thé guiding principle behind a resolutely contemporary jardin brought to life within a timeless structure. opera: Every summer, the Château du Champ du Bataille welcomes a terrific opera!




Château aux Champ aux Bataille8 route aux château, 27110