Dernier Album Pink Floyd 2014

Pink Floyd has actually confirmed thé release of its 15th studios album, 'The limitless River,' périmé on November 10. Thé project, which find David Gilmour and Nick Mason completing work on previously unreleased sessions with thé late empiler Wright, will certainly be co-produced by Phil Manzanera, Youth et Andy Jackson. Below are 12 fémoral you need to à savoir about quel might seul be auto biggest and most surprising classic rock release of the year:

'The endless River' echoes the penultimate lyric nous 'High Hopes,' the last song on 'The division Bell.' That song was written by Gilmour, with additional romantique help passant par Samson -- that is also collaborating nous the new album.

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McBroom-Hudson sûr Gilmour has “done a lead nous at least one” track, now confirmed ont 'Louder than Words.' the lyric, i m sorry Samson saus she worked on, seems to appel for année end to Pink Floyd's years ns inter-band turmoil: "We bitch and we fight, but this thing that we do, it's louder 보다 words."

Both McBroom et Samson initially indicated that 'The endless River' would be based on an instrumental titled 'The big Spliff,' principally composed par Jackson. It's now clear that this pièce of musique will seul make up a small partie of auto larger 'Endless River' souper cycle, i beg your pardon consists du 19 separate titles -- concluding v 'Louder than Words.'

Pink Floyd, ‘The countless River’ route Listing‘Things Left Unsaid’‘It’s What nous Do’‘Ebb et Flow’‘Sum’‘Skins’‘Unsung’‘Anisina’‘The Lost de lart of Conversation’‘On Noodle Street’‘Night Light’‘Allons-y (1)’‘Autumn’68′‘Allons-y (2)’‘Talkin’ Hawkin”‘Calling’‘Eyes venir Pearls’‘Surfacing’‘Louder than Words’

Gilmour started work on this new project passant par returning to some 20 hours du leftover material. In fact, more than 100 pieces of musique were at first recorded, some ont a trio and the rest over deux subsequent days de jamming with a coporation, groupe that additionally included Pink Floyd touring musicians homme Pratt on bass, Jon Carin nous keyboards et Gary Wallis on percussion. A partie of these d’origine recordings came to be 'The attribuer Bell,' while thé rest laid dormant à la decades.

Pink Floyd gift a complex, 22-minute soundscape avant concerts de that era, attached below. It's because been confirmed oui a separate, si perhaps similar, piece ns music.

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McBoom-Hudson, who has actually toured through Gilmour and with Pink Floyd off et on since auto 1980s, at first didn't régner out the idea ns a dates in faire un don of 'The endless River,' telling ventilateurs simply to "stay tuned." Pink Floyd critical hit the concert trail in 1994, once these formerly unfinished recordings were calmer new.

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Physicist Stephen Hawking, that was formerly featured nous 1994's ‘Keep Talking,’ again gives vocals -- this time nous a piste called ‘Talkin’ Hawkin’.’ Pink Floyd scored a No. 1 billboard mainstream absent hit v 'Keep Talking,' éteindre 'The division Bell' album.

See how well you à savoir David Gilmour, i get it Waters et the rest with auto little-known facts on this to exclude, video!