Émissions de co2 par mode de transport 2018

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Transport accounts pour around one-fifth of global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions <24% si we seulement un consider CO2 emissions from energy>.1 In some nations – regularly richer countries with populations that travel often – transport can it is in one ns the largest segments of année individual’s carbon footprint.

If elle need to travel – one of two people locally or abroad – what is the lowest-carbon method to faire so? 

In auto chart here we see the comparison du travel modes par their carbon footprint. These are measured de the amount of greenhouse gases emitted effronté person to travel une kilometer

This les données is sourced from auto UK Government’s methodology paper parce que le greenhouse gas reporting, extensively used by companies venir quantify and report your emissions. Greenhouse gases space measured in carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2eq), meaning they also account à la non-CO2 greenhouse gases and the increased warming results of aviation emissions at high altitudes.2

Overall, the most efficace ways to travel are via walking, bicycle, or train.

Using a cycle instead of a car for quick trips would mitigate your take trip emissions by ~75%. Acquisition a former instead de a là for medium-length distances would cut your emissions par ~80%. Using a former instead ns a domestic flight would alleviate your emissions passant par ~84%.

However, there have the right to be vast variation in emissions depending primarily conditions météorologiques a) auto length ns your trip, b) the source du electricity in your local grid, c) the occupancy of auditeur transport et d) in the case of steering — her vehicle et number du passengers.

Over quick to medium distances, walking or cycling are nearly always thé lowest carbon way to travel. While not in thé chart, the carbon footprint du cycling une kilometer is commonly in auto range du 16 to 50 grams CO2eq per kilomètre depending on comment efficiently elle cycle et what elle eat.3

What si you can’t walk jaune cycle, jaune you need to travel plus long distances et can’t take it a train?

Taking a flight or driving alone are the most carbon-intensive options. Between thé two, i m sorry is better depends nous the déménage travelled. If you’re travelling moderate distances (1000 kilometers or année international flight), climate flying would certainly actually have a slightly lower carbon footprint tout de suite kilometer 보다 driving alone over the same distance.

The carbon intensity du your local électrique grid problem too. Si your electrical power is supplied passant par nuclear jaune renewable energy instead ns coal, électrique vehicles et electric rail are even more efficient. à la example, france has a really ‘green’ electrical power mix: more than 90% of its electricity comes from low-carbon sources – ~70% indigenous nuclear. Si you took auto Eurostar in la france instead de a short-haul flight, you’d couper your journey’s footprint by around 96%.4

When driving, your emissions will depend mainly nous which vehicle elle use et the num of passengers. Steering a small Mini là emits 111 g CO2eq per km while a gros 4×4 car emits ~200 gCO2eq tout de suite km. Adding one additional passenger travelling to the same location would halve emissions revenir passenger-kilometer.

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To tie it together, let’s say amie were to conduire from Edinburgh to london (~500km). You’d emit fermé to 100 kilograms CO2eq. If you were venir fly, this would increase par almost one-third (128 kg CO2eq).5 Taking thé train would be 80% lower (21 kg CO2eq).6

There are some nuances that elle might desire to découvrir for yourself: pour example, what si I périple a small jaune a large petrol car; je vous demande pardon if ns fly entreprises or life class rather than economy; what if je share my là trip with le3 other passengers? à la this reason we’ve contained the data for a num of additional option which amie can explore in the interagir chart using the blue “Add travel mode” button.

Some aperçu takeaways on how you can reduce thé carbon footprint of travel:Trains are nearly always thé winning loption over moderate-to-long distances;If travelling internationally, going par train or boat is lower-carbon than flying;If travelling domestically, control – even si it’s alone – is usually better than flying;If it’s a an option between driving or flying internationally, paris economy class is frequently better;Electric vehicles are virtually always lower-carbon than petrol or diesel cars, especially in a nation that produce much du its electricity par renewables jaune nuclear.


Taking auto Eurostar emits around 6 grams of CO2 tout de suite passenger kilometer, compared to 156 grams indigenous a short-haul flight. So the footprint du Eurostar isaround 4% du a flight: < 6 / 156 *100 = 4%>.

Taking a domestic flight emits 255 grams CO2e per kilomètre * 500 kilomètre = 127.5 kg CO2e.

Traveling par train emits roughly 41 g per km * 500 km = 20.5 kg CO2e.

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