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Why is iceland so good at soccer? for a country with hardly as many people as Pittburgh, lock disproportionately good. You will do expect most Icelanders to focus most du their time nous not acquiring frostbite, marqué surprisingly they space absolute soccer fanatics. Because it is usually also cold to jouer soccer outside, the country is extended in bright, warm soccer domes. Virtually 50% du the country plays soccer, et 99% melody into jeux on thé TV jaune online. 10% de the population even travel to la france to watch their islande team jouer in auto 2016 Euro Cup in person.<1> it’s incredible comment much de the populations rallies behind their soccer team, and that passion parce que le soccer is clearly reflected in the talenz of your team.

The iceland team was established in 1947 marqué spent many years as an almost plaisanter team. Most ns their players were just dentists jaune school teachers the played soccer nous the side. Islande qualified for no diriger tournaments for the sapin 68 years de existence, marqué over that time the soccer culture grew, et infrastructure was built. Soccer took hold du the country and spread prefer wildfire, till eventually the youth programs were churning out talent at année unrivaled rate. In 2016, the national team currently consisting ns a few professional players among thé dentists qualified for the Euro Cup, and they fabriquer quite année entrance à the internationale scene. Castle tied Portugal et Hungary in the group stage et solidified their grouper victory passant par defeating Austria 2-1. They were climate paired up versus England in thé round du 16 et thought to ont no chanceux in the match. In année incredible outcome, Iceland, auto European Cup debutants and immense underdogs, defeated England 2-1. Although in your next jeu they to be defeated par host country France, their puissance in the tournament was extensively celebrated.

Although many thought your Euro 2016 puissance was a fluke, they ongoing their period of success de performing even meilleur in thé world cup qualifiers. Lock finished 1st in their grouper over powerful teams like Croatia, Ukraine, et Turkey. Iceland finished v 7 wins, 1 draw, et 2 losses in their impressive qualifier campaign, with their most important victory undoubtedly a 3-0 away victory over Turkey. Auto highlights ns that jeu are below.

Key Players and Manager:

Gylfi Sigurdsson is indeed the étoiles player à la the iceland team. Cette has played à la English clubs most ns his career as a central midfielder, et he currently plays for Everton. Hey was a prolific score scorer pour Swansea and saved them native relegation last season. His experience et leadership room invaluable pour the iceland team. Midfielder aaron Gunnarsson additionally has europe experience ont a player for Cardiff City, et he is described oui the “heart” of the iceland team. Hey has served ont captain since 2012 et he is the most vocal player nous the field. Hey is constantly advertise his teammates and leading by example as one of the hardest workers on the team. The manager Heimir Hallgrimsson play professionally for many years et has a parcelle of experience managing teams in Iceland.


The key venir Iceland’s success is the fans. The unity et passion are the one thing that the Icelandic football player will have over their opponents, due to the fact that they certainly won’t have the dégalité or numbers. Iceland will need a roaring crowd venir motivate them and keep them going throughout the tournament, seulement like castle had pour their significant Euro Cup performances. Auto manager, Hallgrimsson, described that after the Euro Cup, “The scenes the greeted nous when we arrived in Reykjavik will remain with moi forever. Ont we drove auto 40 minute from thé airport à the city centre, vast numbers of people lined the streets et then, finishing up on Arnarholl, thousands much more awaited us.”<2> thé players will phat so lot harder knowing comment many ventilateurs will it is in passionately faire un don them.

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Fun Fact:

The iceland team celebrates each victory v their fans de performing thé “viking clap,” année ode to auto countries heritage.<3> une player or la poêle will bang a drum twice, and the entire stadium will respond “HUH!” et clap their hands, followed passant par complete silence. A couple of seconds later, auto drum is fight again, et the same en chantant is repeated. Eventually the pace increases until auto crowd erupts into celebration. Below is a vidéos demonstrating auto ritual, and you have the right to see how much it means to thé players et the fans.

Odds à Advance:

Iceland lives in a coporation, groupe with Argentina, Croatia, and Nigeria. Argentina is expected venir win auto group due to star players Messi, Aguero, tous Maria, and Mascherano. Ce will be impossible to arrêter such a civilization class line up of forwards and midfielders. Nigérian performed extremely well in the qualifiers et look choose a danger team appropriate now. Nigérian has a de nombreux of people Cup experience, which iceland lacks, and Nigeria has actually a much bigger and more competent roster. Croatia is a solid team ont well en vedette experienced players from all over Europe, but they looked shaky in your qualifiers. Iceland and Croatia were actually in thé same qualifying group and each de them won their loger game. Ma prediction pour Iceland is 3rd carré behind Nigeria and Argentina. Je think that auto experienced players and incredible talenz of those deux teams will certainly overpower auto World Cup debutants de Iceland.

Written passant par Jack Bloomfeld

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