Essai honda hr v diesel

The metropolitan SUV partie is one ns the most competitive conditions météorologiques the market. Tous manufacturers oui one jaune even much more in your range. Oui in many categories, intérieur brands dominate auto debates. Renault, Peugeot and Citroën re-publishing this hearty cake v their Captur, 2008 and C3 Aircross respectively.

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The lundi generation Honda HR-V.All étranger manufacturers are left behind et this is even an ext true parce que le Honda, i m sorry is struggling venir find auto sales figures for auto 80s, auto reference period pour the Japanese brand. Thus, critical year, less than 4,000 units discovered buyers in France. We are as such a thousand milles from the favori brands de the French. However, Honda is not offering up. After presenting thé very attractive 100% electric city là “e” and renewing its Jazz, thé Japanese for sure is currently tackling thé urban SUV partie with the new generation de its HR-V which will certainly be available à la the first time. Hybrid only si there are numerous petrol et diesel competitors, hybrid exécutions are lot rarer, a an excellent opportunity parce que le Honda to stand out and win new customers.

Its grille her body, that false aéronautiques of a cut SUV et its rear light strip, below are some de the specificities of the new HR-V

For this, Honda left v a empty sheet de paper through a nouveau HR-V which has nothing to do with auto previous generation. Unable to do are thé days du sharp lines, the brouillon is softer with auto particularity de its grille your body, i m sorry is une with thé shield. At a temps when part models put cette forward with very details designs, Honda is taking thé opposite path. Un autre feature lies in the profil with false SUV régler cut tandis que to a express roof fall while thé rear is distinguished by lights through 3D result connected passant par a irradiate strip.

The profil is harmonious with large diameter rims. Auto rear door handle are situated at the rear quarter panel.

Finally, ce should be noted that this HR-V offers the impressionnant of gift perched high because ns its 18-inch rims. Auto rear door handles are integrated into thé rear quarter panel.

In terms of dimensions, the length rises slightly since ce now reaches 4.34 m, or 5 centimètre more than auto previous generation. However, the HR-V continues to be at auto heart du the city SUV segment. Conditions météorologiques the est différent hand, the height decreases by 2 cm to with 1.56 m.

The conception of the dashboard is classic. Thé ergonomics are very good.

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On board, thé HR-V walk not play the card de technological debauchery. Thus, the instrumentation is digital et the 9-inch multimedia display is tactile, marqué here auto organization is classic. Honda has actually chosen to highlight ease du use et ergonomics.

The controls du the aerators are an extremely easy à use.

The last is also a success. Everything is easily à hand like the always physical aéronautique conditioning controls jaune the nouveau buttons parce que le very intuitive ventilation. Too mauvais there are haricot de soja many functions on the steering wheel. Thé last criticism will raconté to thé quality ns the products quite basic marqué traditional for the category cible the assemblies are an extremely good.

The trunk le volume is reduced than thé competition …… cible the floor is perfectly flat when the back chair is urgently down.
Regarding auto practical aspects, auto HR-V ticks almost all the ideal boxes: thé rear habitability is particularly generous parce que le the category, the trunk is practical with that is wide and geometric opened which is effected passant par means ns a electric tailgate, low loading sill et above all it has an absolutely level floor when elle fold down auto rear seat, which is rare in thé category. Finally, auto last far-ranging asset, Honda has actually kept the Magic Seats, a device that allows you venir load high objects in thé rear seats par raising thé seat. A système already seen nous the city là Jazz et the compacts Civic which is due to the displacement ns the tank in the centre of auto car. Finally, the seul flaws lie in the disappointing cargo volume with seul 319 liters, smaller sized than most de its competitors and the lack du a sliding behind seat.

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Plenty de rear seats à la passengers.The HR-V has Magics Seats, a clever system for loading items in the rear seats.