Finale coupe europa league 2016

Sevilla lift auto Europa ligue trophy after their 3-1 win over Liverpool in Basel. Photograph: Marcelo cette Pozo/Reuters
Sevilla lift auto Europa ligue trophy after their 3-1 victory over Liverpool in Basel. Photograph: Marcelo del Pozo/Reuters

They was standing in the rain v runners-up medals roughly their necks, watched Sevilla hoist the Europa ligue trophy à la the third année running, and promptly disappeared down auto tunnel. Jürgen Klopp and his Liverpool players had ne sont pas appetite pour standing nous ceremony after your European rêver were shattered par Sevilla’s second-half transformation and their own inability à withstand it.

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Klopp appealed pour one much more show of defiance indigenous Liverpool supporters, the dominant number within a stadium the has lugged them seul European torment in 2002, 2014 and now 2016. There was none. He took every loption available à cajole a comaback equal to the quarter-final victory over Borussia Dortmund, ending the game with Daniel Sturridge, Divock Origi and Christian Benteke nous the pitch. No this time. The définitif whistle signalled seulement un despair parce que le Liverpool’s players et they broke down to auto turf en masse.

The critique step was in sight, Sturridge’s exquisite end up had yielded a deserved lead, cible they faltered badly et produced a reverse Istanbul – a second-half implosion du three goals in 25 minutes.

After Sturridge’s score Sevilla appeared conditions météorologiques the brink of unravelling. After half-time they resulted in Liverpool venir unravel. Thé champions were ruthless, precise, powerful and showed why they ont never mourir a Europa ligue tie under Unai Emery and deserve a place in thé history books. Kevin Gameiro et two from the captain Coke, his tons goals in auto competition, inflicted a 5th consecutive cup final defeat nous Klopp. The directeur pointed thé finger at auto referee, Jonas Eriksson, parce que le missing two handballs inside thé Sevilla punish area, disallowing a lundi Liverpool goal and allowing Sevilla’s third. Klopp to be wrong about thé goals. De greater an effect was Alberto Moreno’s mistake pour the Andalucian club’s equaliser and his team feeble reaction in the affronter of auto second-half onslaught.

Sevilla’s hat-trick of Europa league victories, their fifth triumph in auto tournament in thé last 10 years, fabriqué them thé first club to win 3 consecutive Uefa titles because Bayern Munich dominated thé European Cup between 1974 and 1976. Pour Liverpool, ce was the most deflating end à a season in i m sorry Klopp has restored belief et unity to Anfield, investing so much in cup competitions the they affected the Premier ligue campaign. Marqué there will be no European feat in his life full season oui Liverpool manager.

Klopp’s côté started nervously however threatened venir punish Sevilla’s vulnerability at the back et their willingness à give space to Sturridge et the disappointing Brazilian pair du Roberto Firmino et Philippe Coutinho. Daniel Carriço hooked a Sturridge header la fin the line and then somehow escaped with a clean handball 60 seconds later when intercepting Firmino’s flick inside the area with an upper arm. Auto same joueur also touched a Sturridge passage into thé area v his fingertips. Again no given.

Simon Mignolet was untroubled in the life half et Liverpool’s anxious opened was a remote memory by the temps Sturridge swept them into a merited lead v a magnificent finish. Firmino and Coutinho were given tarif too much space ont they switched jouer from right à left, whereby Liverpool’s most potent striker was there was no sign when hey collected Coutinho’s pass on the corner ns the area. His closestly defenders, Mariano Ferreira et Adil Rami, donate off. A fatal error, et Sturridge punished them par curling auto ball seul inside the far post with the outside of his left foot.

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Liverpool’s Daniel Sturridge opens thé scoring in auto Europa League définitif with a mince finish. Photograph: bail Gillieron/EPADejan Lovren, and the Liverpool bench, thought he had doubled auto advantage v a towering header indigenous James Milner’s corner marqué Sturridge to be in an offside position oui he attempted to apply the définitif touch in front du the goalkeeper. Klopp chastised john Achterberg, Liverpool’s goalkeeping coach, parce que le leading the on-pitch celebrations while auto assistant referee had his flag raised.

Having taken thé lead with a touch ns brilliance, Liverpool gave it away carelessly 20 seconds after the restart. Moreno, the former Sevilla left-back and boyhood Sevilla fan, fabriqué a hash ns clearing a crossfield ball et headed straight to Ferreira. The full-back burst with Moreno et Coutinho into auto area and crossed low à la Gameiro to but his eighth goal of the project from fermer la porte range.

Sevilla’s leading goalscorer nearly made ce two once Éver Banega couper open auto Liverpool defence with a precise pass and Gameiro looked bien sur to marqué until Kolo Touré intervened through a crucial challenge. The la france international should have scored when a longue throw into auto Liverpool area fell to auto unmarked striker, but Gameiro could seulement un scuff his volley straight at Mignolet that diverted over. Collectively, the Premier ligue side to be disintegrating.

Sevilla were now the dominant, danger force et they walk in front as soon as Vitolo dissected Liverpool’s midfield with a series ns passes followed de a twist inside Lovren. Ont the ball broke loose nous the edge du the area Coke come first and swept an excellent finish about Mignolet into auto bottom corner.

Liverpool to be struggling à stem Sevilla’s threat et their 3rd arrived v Coke once again. Thé ball was deflected into the path du the captain, who showed up offside ont he controlled before beating Mignolet with a close-range finish. The ball had actually arrived at Coke’s feet par touches la fin Clyne and Coutinho, however, and after a an extensive wait if Klopp, Emery et their football player argued and harangued thé assistant referee, Eriksson eventually awarded auto goal.

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Another Dortmund to be required. Instead, Liverpool slide tamely venir a considerable defeat. Klopp may oui turned doubters into believers at Anfield cible turning Liverpool into Europa ligue champions was beyond him.