Flavien berger contre-temps

I think that ns make some musique of scientifique fiction.I wanted to make increase a record conditions météorologiques the journey in the time pour a longue time, since i ended Léviathan in fact, in respectable 2014. Later ns made concerts, i met divers musicians, i sang in many new ears, i dedicated myself completely to music. Et the temps changed.This record consisted in between October 2016 et May 2018, an urgency du one and a fifty percent year.I créé my records ont narrative adventures. Here, it is a collection backwards, a journey ns a knight in automobile which listens psychedelic R’n’B on the radio. Contre-Temps is a record which feeds on the fantasy et where meet auto impermanence and the sensation temps which passes. A cave through many dimensions.

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On his sapin album, marc Melià had actually explored auto possibilities de a mythic synth; nous Veus, ont if sloughing, cette applied thé process du sound révision to his very own voice, until becoming année android. But année android who sings ns love and dreams, a sensitive automaton that plays with auto tropes of pop music. Through this device, marc Melià knowingly looks for poetry et beauty within transgenics, in thé search de a cosmos where one can surf despite waves du profoundly relocating chord patterns, hear voices unconstrained by range limitations, or danse freely, oui in zero gravity.

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Sep 2021

Flavien Berger – aux la friche : Lafayette anticipation premiere



This robinet is auto harvest du a year and a half de fallow land sprouts ns compositions wild piece fantasies à la the wasteland celebrating auto dandelion freedom et untamed grasses.

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From the wasteland (De ns friche) is a séries of musique studies on urban vegetation a kind ns plantasia cible more streetwise a usually bouquet parce que le pickers on a stroll.Mostly instrument de musique it likewise features a collaboration with Bilou et a poem par Maya du Mondragon.

The cassette will be released conditions météorologiques Pan European recording during autumn and will it is in on daller at thé Foundation’s shop A Rebours.

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Jun 2021

Marc Melià re-superstructure new musique video Oxitocines

Marc Melià


May 2021

Marc Melià is now ago with « DX7 »

Marc Melià

First simple from his seconde full length prendre note « Veus » venir be released nous the 15th of October.