Gilet Jaune 17 Novembre Facebook

Tear gas surrounds riot police as they clash through protesters during a ‘Yellow Vest’ demonstration near the arc de Triomphe conditions météorologiques December 1st in Paris. Photo par Veronique aux Viguerie/Getty images

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Over auto weekend, purp broke out in France, with more than 280,000 protesters fanning the end across thé country in quel is known ont the Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vests) movement. What started ont a reaction against a hike in auto country’s gasoline tax has actually metastasized right into something uglier. Much more than 400 people oui been injured throughout some 2,000 rallies, et one human was killed after being operation over par a car. In CityLab, Feargus O’Sullivan attempts à describe a rather amorphous protest:

Unusually, the Yellow Vests is a grassroots massive protest déménageur with no explicit broader political agenda or links to existing groups. Having organized us via social media since peut faire (when the movement was sparked by année online petition), the Yellow Vests oui arrived rather out du the blue.

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There is also non clear media consensus oui to what they space protesting beyond thé cost of gas. à some observers, auto protesters space primarily en colère about quel they see as President Emmanuel Macron’s obvious indifference towards tough état for working people. To others, the déménageur is evidence of a middle-class backlash. Meanwhile, the not automatically easy venir say whether thé protest cleaves more to thé left jaune the right.

What commentators space saying, both inside France and out, is that the en mouvement has been organized primarily nous Facebook. Auto writer frederic Filloux defined some ns the group’s methods:

Two mainly ago, more than 1,500 yellow Vests-related sur facebook events were organized locally, periodically garnering a quarter de a city’s population. Self-appointed thinkers became intérieur figures, thanks to popular pages et a flurry of sur facebook Live. One of them, maxis Nicolle (107,000 followers), organizes frequent impromptu “lives”, instantly followed by thousands ns people. His gospel is a hodgepodge de incoherent demands but he’s currently a national voice. His sur facebook account, avec a guillotine, symbol du the french Revolution and the device pour death penalty until 1981, was briefly suspended antérieur à being reinstated after cette put up a much more acceptable image. Regardless of surreals, but always copious lists du claims, these personnes appear on popular tv shows. Right now in France, traditional la télé is rolling a social sphere seen oui uncorrupted by the elites, unfiltered, et more authentic.

Writing à la Bloomberg (and quoting a French-language column ns couldn’t review myself), Leonid Bershidsky argues that Facebook’s decision venir promote short articles from teams in the nouvelles Feed may oui exacerbated the protests.

There’s nothing autonomous about thé emergence of facebook group administrators as spokespeople for what passes à la a popular movement. Unlike Macron and French legislators, they are unelected. In a column parce que le Liberation, journalist vincent Glad said that recent changes à the sur facebook algorithm – which have prioritized content created par groups end that ns pages, including those du traditional media outlets – ont provided auto mechanism à promote this people. Facebook Chief executive, management Officer signe Zuckerberg thought hey was depoliticizing his platform and focusing nous connecting people. That is not quel happened.

“Facebook coporation, groupe admins, whose prerogatives are constantly gift increased par Zuckerberg, room the nouveau intermediaries, thriving conditions météorologiques the ruins ns labor unions, associations or politics parties,” glad wrote.

The result has been civil unrest with few modern precedents, homme Lichfield write in auto Guardian. (He’s lived in auto country à la 22 years.)

I oui never seen the kind du wanton damage that surrounded moi on some de the smartest streets du Paris conditions météorologiques Saturday – such random, hysterical hatred, command not just towards thé riot police but at shrines to the french republic itself such oui the révérence de Triomphe. The 12-hour battle went beyond sauvagement protest, beyond rioting, à the point of insurrection, even poli war.

Reading the coverage, i’m reminded de Renee DiResta’s current essay “The digital Maginot Line,” i beg your pardon I tons shared right here last week. In it, elle writes about how liberal democracies oui proven more susceptible to the fomenting of violent political angry than much more authoritarian states. Elle writes about auto American boîte here, but it’s just ont easy to translate to the situation in France:

We are (rightfully) concerned around silencing voices or communities. Marqué our commitment à free expressions makes nous disproportionately fragile in auto era ns chronic, perpetual informations war. Numérique combatants know that once speech go up, nous are loathe to moderate it; venir retain this asymmetric advantage, they push an all-or-nothing absolutist narrative that moderation is censorship, the spammy distribuer tactics et algorithmic renforcement are somehow part of the right to free speech.

We seriously game conversations about whether or not bots ont the right à free speech, privilege the privacy of fake people, et have congressional hearings à assuage auto wounded egos of YouTube personalities. More authoritarian regimes, par contrast, would just turn off the internet. An excellent commitment to auto principle of free speech in peace time turns right into a sucker emplacement against adversarial psy-ops in wartime. Nous need an understanding du free speech that is hardened against the environment of a continuous warm war conditions météorologiques a broken informations ecosystem. Nous need venir defend auto fundamental value from itself becoming a prop in a malign narrative.

Think about how the jaune Vests came about. A political decision was made, and discussed nous Facebook. A small grouper began discussing it in groups. Algorithms and viral sharing mechanics advocated the grouper posts most likely à get engagement into the nouvelles Feed. Over the prochain few months, thé majority of la france that uses sur facebook saw a darker, angrier reflection du their country in the news Feed than maybe actually existed. In time, perception became reality. And now arc de triomphe is under attack.

And group posts, amie will recall, space one du Facebook’s most extremely touted solutions to thé social-networks-and-democracy problem.

Of course, at this mettre en ordre we lack thé evidence that facebook caused thé Yellow Vests venir organize. Marqué we can say the what conditions météorologiques saw over thé weekend is regular with other bouleversé populist movements that we oui seen around thé world — many du them violent, et many ns them organized on social media. And we have the right to predict through some trust that much more such movements will show up in thé world’s free democracies, with equally unsettling results.


Google CEO’s appearance avant Congress

The sham hearing end “conservative bias” in Congress has actually been postponed venir accommodate thé funeral à la President George H.W. Bush, David McCabe reports. Ne sont pas new daté has to be selected.

Financial times France and Germany désinvolte ambitious plan for dérivation digital tax ($)

Mehreen khan reports that deux European syndicat member says are suggest a le3 percent tax on numérique ad sales quite than a broader tax on tech companies. Facebook et Google would certainly be fight hardest passant par such a move.

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Jamal Khashoggi: personal WhatsApp messages pouvez offer nouveau clues venir his murder

Activist Omar Abdulaziz believes Saudi authorities intercepted private WhatsApp annonces between him and Jamal Khashoggi, putting into motion auto events that would end with his murder. The coupler wanted à start an online youth en mouvement in aller to debunk state propaganda. But their chatter to be caught par spyware made de Israel’s NSO Group, according to this fascinating and chilling reporter from Nina revenir Santos and Michael Kaplan. (NSO denies any involvement.)

The truth Abdulaziz’s téléphone contained spyware means Saudi public official would oui been able à see auto same 400 annonces Abdulaziz exchanged v Khashoggi over the period.

The messages portray Khashoggi, a Saudi structure establishment figure, becoming increasingly fearful pour his country’s fate as bin salan consolidates his power. “He loves force, oppression et needs to show them off,” Khashoggi says ns bin Salman, “but tyranny has non logic.”

WhatsApp’s tons ever TV la publicité warns versus fake news in India

WhatsApp fabriquer honest-to-god tv commercials venir tell toutes les personnes in inde not venir share scurrilous rumors online, Ivan mehta reports:

The 60-second commercials, named “Share joy, not rumors,” will be aired starting today in 10 local languages throughout TV, Facebook, and, YouTube. Thé Facebook-owned lentreprise has slated auto release du these film just avant Rajasthan and Telangana state elections.

The ads handle issues de forwarding fake news et posting shocking rumors nous WhatsApp groups, et the need venir verify dubious information received indigenous unknown sources.

Here Is thé Research facebook Commissioned conditions météorologiques George Soros

BuzzFeed posting some du the abondance research ginned up par Definers around George Soros. Nous one hand, it is basically f a factual document. Nous the other, the laden v bolded sentences, underlined phrases, and all-caps headlines — an utterly spittle-flecked documentations meant à convey the haute amount ns panic that a shadowy illustration was working in auto shadows venir warp her reality. In addition to Definers, je mean!

In a different piece, Charlie Warzel saus the real trouble was auto cover-up, oui is commonly the des boites in scandals. And elsewhere nous the dark-arts PR beat, Taylor Hatmaker introduces nous to sur facebook contractor targeted Victory.

New York city Council venir Host Hearings nous Amazon’s Headquarters Deal

“Members de the nouveau York ville Council will hold a trio ns hearings venir grill ville officials et about thé closed-door negotiation that commander to the tech giant agreeing venir build its seconde headquarters in Queens,” Katie Honan reports.

The tons oversight hearing will be held conditions météorologiques Wednesday, Dec. 12, at city Hall, according venir Mr. Johnson’s office. Members ns the council’s economic-development committee will certainly take an overall look at at thé Amazon deal.

In January, thé finance committee will hold a listening focused on the state and city subsidies promised to Amazon. The critique hearing most likely will be held in February and focus on the deal’s dommage on Long island City’s housing, transportation et infrastructure.

Philippines: journalist maria Ressa à turn herself in after police sortir warrant

The editor de independent nouvelles site Rappler (and a an individual hero) sûr she will challenge trumped-up charges of taxes fraud that are being used à intimidate her and her nouvelles organization, hannah Ellis-Petersen reports:

On sunday night, Ressa confirmed venir the gardien a warrant for her arrest had actually been issued. Conditions météorologiques Monday morning, she surrendered to the authorities at Pasig ville regional trial meugler in Manila and posted bail, which was collection at 60,000 Philippine pesos (£900).

Speaking outside auto courthouse after posting bail, Ressa claimed that “now is certainly not auto time to be afraid”.

How Yemen’s poli war go cyber

Joe Uchill reports on how Houthi rebels in Yemen are using société media in an effort to win a civil war:

The projects use a “Twitter board” — basically a massive collection of pre-written tweets focusing nous a topic du the day.

Citizens, consisting of those directed to auto boards from government websites, pick tweets and post castle rapid-fire to try venir make worries trend


Tumblr will ban tous adult heureux starting December 17th

Verizon-owned Tumblr, famous à la its porn, will certainly purge tous adult heureux starting nous December 17th, Shannon Liao reports. Thé ban has explicit sex-related imagery and nudity. And it’s currently flagging chaste posts oui “porn.” but now there’s an ext room for … uh, posts about Virgos, i guess.

Ex-Facebook directeur Mark Luckie nous Silicon Valley’s ‘Black personnes Problem’

Noah Kulwin talks venir just-departed facebook employee mark Luckie about, among other things, auto George Soros scandal:

You know, auto thing the was an especially jarring about thé Soros issue is the when auto Times story came out, sur facebook was an extremely defensive. Both privately and publicly: No, this isn’t us, nous would never à faire anything prefer this. Et then, tu know, they do the news-drop right before Thanksgiving, that — hey, nous actually did do this. As année employee, je had to do a double-take. Well, si you did this, then why room you seul now saying that elle did, and why would certainly you raconter your employee that elle didn’t? That’s je vous demande pardon contributes venir lower moral inside Facebook. It’s what i said in the memo. It’s tough to avocat on behalf du a société that elle feel is no doing thé good in auto world that elle imagined cette would. The is akin to le noir users’ disillusionment v Facebook. The disillusionment is creeping among their employees, oui well. They’re feeling a little peu of that.

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Facebook Censors arts Historian parce que le Posting naked Art, climate Boots that from Platform

Zachary small has auto tale of année art chronicler whose sur facebook account to be terminated after année automated heureux filter incorrectly identified a sculpture oui a human being:

Curator et art chronicler Ruben Cordova thought that sur facebook was thé perfect platform venir archive thé photographic products equivalent to almost a decade’s worth of his research. He created a network de albums, links, commentaries, et comparanda online, periodically using those resources à la his lectures at universities et galleries. This abundance de scholarship even included materials necessary parce que le Cordova’s forthcoming publication.

What Is an Instagram Party Account

Taylor Lorenz reports the resourceful teens ont hacked together année events applications inside of Instagram, portending thé day when this will be année actual function inside Instagram, leading teens à complain that the applications has become too bloated, et leave for autre app that has actually fewer features, whereby they will hack ensemble a nouveau events app:

Here’s comment it works: When adolescents are planning a super party, they’ll sometimes produce a nouveau Instagram account, often with a take care of that includes the date of the party, choose