Grand prix de france 2021

The safety and health ns its spectators, partners, Formula 1 stakeholders and the media remains a priority à la the GIP vaste Prix de France – les Castellet.

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The GIP grand Prix de France – les Castellet is very closely monitoring auto situation related to COVID-19 et is in permanent communication with the auditeur authorities, motor sport governing bodies, Formula 1 et the Circuit paul Ricard.

The GIP vaste Prix aux France – les Castellet will certainly comply with the health protocol linked to thé COVID-19 pandemic collection up by the internationale Automobile federation (FIA) during thé next français Formula 1 grand Prix.

Health protocol - spectators

Sanitary Pass


A Sanitary passage will be forced at auto entrance du the circuit (from 11 years old).

Our advice à prepare you for this regulate required by the public authorities:

No proof de vaccination or juge result derived outside the français territory have the right to be accepted.

All spectators must oui a PCR jaune antigen juge in la france within 48 hours de coming to thé circuit.

They will certainly be charged pour the audit that have to be refunded by their European jaune Universal health insurance.

The antigen test is preferable, as it is available in pharmacies et doesn’t require any booking. Thé results are nearly immediately available. Remember à upload the result to the TousAntiCovid application

The 48-hour duration is between auto time du the test et your come at auto circuit.

We recommend obtaining tested thé day avant your arrival

Once you ont a an adverse Test, amie must download the 2D-DOC QR codé via the au cas où DEP link

A redesigned organisation

Due to auto sanitary situation et in order à be able à accommodate spectators in a configuration consistent with current or a venir government measures, thé capacity à la the 2021 français Grand awards is currently limité to 15,000 spectators effronté day, separated into three zones de 5,000 seats each. committed routes pour each du these région will be noted in order à limit the crossing of flows.

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A devoted staff

A zone will be created at the Medical Station pour the immediate isolation of tous people v symptoms. A brigade de volunteers will certainly be collection up venir provide information et raise awareness about the exactement use ns masks, certain that barrier gestures are respected and check that hand sanitizers room operational and supplied.

Sanitary protocol - staff

Persons functioning at the 2021 french Grand récompenses will oui to produce a negative PCR juge before auto start du their assignment. Additional test should be carried out pour staff carrying out long missions.

The GIP grand Prix de France – ns Castellet will certainly make every essayer to for sure that obstacle gestures are respected, the exchanges de equipment space limited and that the rules of social distancing at thé various work stations are respected.

Gel et hand sanitizing solution will it is in available à staff et will be compulsory in various areas (vehicles, offices, access points to the page? ˅ at the most exposed posts).

*Proof du a negative audit less than 48 hours old pour the Sanitary pass to access tous major events concerned. Toutes les personnes RT-PCR et antigenic tests constitute a proof ont soon ont the an outcome is entered par the healthcare expert in SI-DEP, which have the right to be printed out directly and which is also fabriquer available à the patient via an e-mail and année SMS venir retrieve from the SI-DEP portal. Nous TousAntiCovid, the import de the proof into the applications will it is in done by the patient. Hey can income his proof: 

from the paper or PDF document provided par SI-DEP that accompanies the audit result, by scanning auto QR codé located nous the left of the document;by clicking conditions météorologiques the connect in the SI-DEP portal, which enables the juge result à be imported straight into TousAntiCovid Carnet.The validity du the expérience (48h or 72h depending on the case) are identified at the time of entry at auto event terre (no flexibility à 2 or 3 days).

**The result du a positive RT-PCR jaune antigenic test attesting to the recovery ns the Covid-19, dating back at the very least 15 days and less 보다 6 months:

Positive expérience (RT-PCR jaune antigenic) older than 2 weeks and less 보다 6 months indicate a limited risk du reinfection through Covid-19. Thé process for retrieving proof du positive juge is thé same oui for negative essai via SI-DEP (see above).

***Vaccination, listed that individuals ont a complete vaccin schedule, i.e. :

2 weeks after auto 2nd injectée for doubs injection vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca) ;4 mainly after auto injection parce que le single injectée vaccines (Johnson & Johnson);2 weeks after injection à la vaccines in toutes les personnes with a past covid infection (single injection).

Since 27 May, tous vaccinated persons, including those who were vaccinated avant 3 May, deserve to retrieve their vaccinal certificate conditions météorologiques the “patient portal” de the assurait Maladie. In addition, any type of health experienced will it is in able à retrieve a vaccinal certificate et print ce out si a human requests it.

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Once you have your vaccin certificate, merely scan thé QR codé on the right à import it et store ce locally, in her phone, thanks à TousAntiCovid Carnet.