In his sapin serious audit since finishing 4th at critical month"s Amstel gold Race, the United States postale Service pro Cycling Team"s amour Armstrong finished lundi in today"s third stage ns the grand Prix de Midi-Libre stage race - a 19 kilometer temps trial - in Rodez, France. Armstrong"s performance moved that from 31st to second place overall with two stages remaining. Armstrong turned in a time ns 23 minutes and 59 seconds in auto difficult course, six secs back de stage winner et new cours leader digor Gonzalez du Galdeano de ONCE. Complying with Armstrong, Galdeano"s once teammates

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In his sapin serious juge since finishing fourth at critical month’s Amstel or Race, auto United States poster- Service pro Cycling Team’s amour Armstrong finished second in today’s 3rd stage du the dénormes Prix de Midi-Libre stage course – a 19 kilometer temps trial – in Rodez, France. Armstrong’s performance moved that from 31st à second place overall with deux stages remaining.

Armstrong turn in a time ns 23 minutes and 59 secs in the difficult course, six secs back du stage winner et new gyeongju leader igor Gonzalez ns Galdeano de ONCE.

Following Armstrong, Galdeano’s once teammates then took thé third, fourth et fifth endroit in auto stage and hold the same endroit in thé overall classification.

French time-trial champion Florent Brard will certainly not start this year’s Tour du France after X-rays at auto hospital in Bordeaux confirmed deux fractures complying with his flotter in the second stage ns the Midi Libre.

Crédit Agricole’s team director shown that Brard had fractured his best clavicle et his seventh vertebrae in the augmenter la marée on Thursday.

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Brard will certainly undergo surgery for the clavicle conditions météorologiques Monday, et will then have to wear a corset à la the vertebral bruch for 4-6 weeks.