Luke, nom de fille suis ton père parodies space 1-pane exploitable des bandes dessinées featuring Darth Vader ("Dark Vador" in French) et a kneeling luke Skywalker face to visage while reviving the famous étoiles Wars episode 5: The empire Strikes Back<1> movie scene when the former reveals that he is Luke"s father.These parodies were life made through puns and rhymic alternating lines, but it then broadened itself to replace Darth Vader by many French cultistes icons such as politicians, singers et so forth.

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Star Wars: The empire Strikes Back is a 1980 science-fiction/space opéra movie, seconde one of what will further be the first Star Wars trilogy.One de its most well known scenes, near thé end ns the film, is thé revelation de Darth Vader, the main vilain, being the hero"s, luke Skywalker, father:

It"s then come to be a common standard line amongst fans.The original quote is No, I am your father (Non, nom de fille suis accent père) marqué it quickly ended up being misquoted oui Luke, I un m your father <2> (Luke, nom de fille suis accent père), line which has surpassed the initiale one"s popular throughout the years.


On April 7th 2003, a topic called (strip) étoiles wars: accentue univers impitoyableuhbeuhh to be started nous the le café Salé forum<3>, a website neighborhood gathering artists from different media.This peculiar topic to be made by forum user Gaijinsan in stimulate to affichage some de his illustrations based on the 1999 étoiles Wars illustration I: the Phantom menace movie.On the 2nd ns June, user Materiax posted auto following picture:

Vader: Luke, ns slept with your mother.Luke: No!

This, follow me with autre picture in thé post the follows, space taken indigenous a an individual website (now defunct)<4> used venir upload artworks indigenous a user dubbed nadjika04. Because du the other forum users reaction to the post, ce appears safe à assume that nadjika04 and Materiax are the same person.

It to be seen ont a funny picture that obtained some type among users, marqué it wasn"t until auto 22nd du February 2004 that user Fox got auto idea venir modify thé picture<5>. The result:

Vader: Luke, ns forgot à buy auto yogurt.Luke: No!

He then continued venir create much more alterations. Auto thread began à gather attentif centred around personnes making alterations native the initiale picture.This thread has extended venir 51 pages.

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Exploitable trend

These images began à be hosted nous many other français websites, consisting of Emarketing<6>, Webrankinfo<7>, LeLoMbriK<8>, Triskal<9> or even i beg your pardon nicknamed it ont Vadorz<10>.A forum thread native Koreus<11> pointed at a an image generator hosted as a php job at Neriki website as early ont 2005<12>. A more recent one can likewise be discovered in a website entirely dedicated to the phenomenon<13>.

On a connected note, surely inspired par the exploitable trend, a user called Ganesh2 fabriqué a dubbing parody of the famous scene, reusing actual star Wars footage (In French):

Parodie: éclore ,Je suis accentue père les scènes cachéesenvoyé par ganesh2. – Plus ns vidéos fun.

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French Podcast

On April 13th 2011, broadcast a radio fichier audio about auto meme<14>, in a marche called La minute Mème (the meme Minute), through a link à this article as a way venir explain ce further. The weekly radiophonique programme, talk about linternet culture et including a aller about memes, is also scheduled à be broadcast on TV channel Nolife. A list du parodies is hosted at thé end du their article.