Ken follett notre dame de paris

“The wonderful cathedral of Notre-Dame du Paris, one of the best achievements de European civilization, was on fire. Auto sight dazed and disturbed nous profoundly. I was nous the edge ns tears. Miscellaneous priceless was dying in front de our eyes. Auto feeling to be bewildering, as if the sol was shaking.” —Ken Follett“ treasure of a book.” —The nouveau Yorker In this short, spellbinding book, internationale bestselling writer Ken Follett describes auto emotions that gripped that when he learned around the feu that threatened venir destroy one of the greatest cathedrals in the world—the Notre-Dame ns Paris. Follett climate tells auto story ns the cathedral, indigenous its construction to auto role cette has played across time and history, and he reveals the influence that auto Notre-Dame had ns cathedrals around thé world et on auto writing ns one of Follett"s many famous and beloved novels, The Pillars of the Earth. Ken Follett will certainly donate his proceeds from this livre to auto charity la Fondation de Patrimoine.

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Ken Follett
is one of the world’s most successful authors. More than 160 million copie of auto 30 livres he has written have been offered in end 80 countries et in 33 languages. Born on june 5, 1949, in Cardiff, Wales, auto son de a tax inspector, Ken to be educated at state schools and went conditions météorologiques to graduate from college College, London, with an honors level in philosophy. Hey was fabriquer a fellow du the university in 1995. Ken’s project, auto Century Trilogy, has actually sold 19.5 million copie worldwide. The three livre tell the story of the twentieth century through five generations nous three continents. Ken’s life major success came with the publication of Eye ns the Needle in 1978. A civilization War ii thriller set in England, this livre earned him auto 1979 Edgar award for best Novel indigenous the secret Writers ns America. It remains one de his most famous books.   Ken has been active in countless literacy charities and was thé president ns Dyslexia mouvement for ten years. Hey was thé chair of the national Year de Reading, a joint initiative between government and businesses. Hey is also active in numerous Stevenage charities and is the president ns the Stevenage community Trust. Ken also collection up the Follett Trust, which prix single donations to thé arts et in des boites of social deprivation et education.