Kymco ak 550 vs tmax

"They" arrived practically at the same time, marqué it is simply a coincidence of the calendar. "They" are the maxi-scooters: Honda X-Adv, Kymco AK 550 and Yamaha T-Max. Auto opportunity to confront the étoiles of the marché with new contenders and to review the segment de the maxis, in complete mutation.

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Presentation et prices

The étoiles is dubbed Yamaha T-Max. In 2001, nous saw him arriving, growing, maturing. Ce is currently part de our daily life for 16 years. That is challengers are thé Honda X-Adv et the Kymco AK 550. Thé Honda X-Adv is auto all-road édition of the Integra cible not only. Honda, from auto Integra same mechanical basis, designed a brand nouveau machine et this time with année under chair storage. à la its side, Kymco with auto experience ns the Bmw partnership and its old maxime concocted a maxi-scooter full de promises. Both auto X-Adv et the AK 550 advantage from the découper work from Asia et Europe offices.


FeaturesT-Max DXX-AdvAK 550
Price€ 13,29911,499 €9,890 €
Power / revolutions45.95 Hp at 6,750rpm54 Hp at 6,350rpm52.7 Hp at 7,500rpm
Torque / revolutions53 Nm at 5,250rpm68 Nm at 4.750rpm55.64 Nm at 5,500rpm

These few les données highlight how the controversy that will certainly take place between the three maxi 2017. Auto Honda X-Adv takes the cake ns the most powerful engine. Its 54Hp are derived at a rather meugler revolutions, 6,350rpm. Thé Kymco AK 550 arrives just behind v a power de 52.7Hp obtained at 7,500rpm. Thé Yamaha T-Max closes through 45.95Hp at 6.750rpm.

In terms du torque, auto X-Adv is obviously leading with 68Nm at seulement un 4.750rpm. Following, auto AK 550 has 55.64Nm at 5,500rpm et the T-Max which chases ce with 53Nm à 5.250rpm.

The Yamaha T-Max, ont for him, in this DX version takes the cake de the many expensive scooter. To be complete on the T-Max, the basic dépense is at 11,499 €. Between thé basic version et the DX dépense of ours review, there is auto SX version which is at 12,299 €. Thé SX édition corresponds to the DX model, without the heated handles et seat and without the électrique windscreen.

The Kymco AK 550 is the cheapest de the three being under thé 9,900 €.

Dimensions et measurements

MeasurementsT-Max DXX-AdvAK 550
Seat height mm800820785
Fuel capacity15 liters13.1 liters15 liters
Wet weight216kg238kg226kg dried weight

Surprisingly, thé Kymco AK 550 is auto shortest ns the three but visually ce seems thé longest. Its dashboard is thé most colorful and at night, it’s beautiful. Auto snag is the when it is sunny day, amie no longer see anything.


Talking about auto under-seat storage, with the Kymco, tu will be able to store année XL helmet and a small bag conditions météorologiques the top. Behind the T-Max also enables to oui a XL helmet et a smaller sized bag. Thé X-Adv is the smallest, a helmet and that’s all.

These new scooters are now ultra-equipped, electronic devices is omnipresent, whether ce is parce que le comfort jaune safety elements. Amongst them, auto Abs is installed on tous three machines. à this, Yamaha adds auto Traction Control system which will modulate the énergie transmitted to auto rear wheel venir optimize the traction.

If tous three ont a Smartkey, the lack du a centre button conditions météorologiques the T-Max is finally an ext pleasant à manipulate venir lock / unlock thé fork the tanker.

For the T-max, you oui to reach thé SX dépense to enjoy thé TCS, and to benefit from thé heating seat and handles, the version DX. In this version, you will also oui the électrique adjustable windscreen.

The X-Adv does ont the tire pressure sensors cible it go not ont the heater handles.

In terms de equipment, the Kymco AK 550 climbs to the top du the podium. With its price of only 9.890 €, ce offers an ext than auto others and this, from the basic version.

With such année equipment, auto protagonists’ commodos are becoming loaded. Yamaha has focused most of the functions on the left comodo conditions météorologiques two rows. The first one, fermé to auto thumb, groups the usual functions du headlight, direction light et horn. The lundi row is fermé to thé center et includes all the other functions. Cette is fine seen and well assumed out.

Presentations room made, now allongons ride.

City Review

Before riding through thé Vexin, you ont to cross auto town. In this exercise, auto Kymco AK 550 is the best. He has a greater transforming radius et a lower seat height than his competitors. Thé difference is minimal, 35mm with the Honda X-Adv and only 15mm with the Yamaha T-Max D marqué the smaller ones will certainly appreciate.

However, thé T-Max has a lighter weight, 10kg much less than auto AK 550 and 22Kg much less than the X-Adv. Conditions météorologiques the X-Adv, elle sit straighter and higher. You will be une head over auto flow ns other vehicles.

The mirrors ns both Kymco AK 500 et Yamaha T-Max are mounted on the bodywork and in front. Those ns the Honda X-Adv space attached to auto handlebars. The rear check out is brillant for all three cible for the tons two, tu will not oui to look far too lot from auto road venir watch your rear.

It is auto Kymco AK 550 the wins at points in town.

CityT-Max DXX-AdvAK 550

Road review

As soon oui roads appear, our 3 maxi at last express themselves. On this belles of ride, much more than the très speed, cette is necessary to highlight the abilities du each one to accelerate, resume and check thé abilities du each une on tous types of surfaces.

On thé Honda X-Adv, that is torque of 68Nm, court revolutions at 4.750rpm et its robotic gearbox space wonderful. Whatever the revolutions or speed, a rotation of the wrist and the crew is restarted. A tenderness pressure and the engine start again nous the engaged gear. A higher pressure and the gearbox converts this need for extra power par downshifting. At thé entrance de turns, pressing auto "-" button and the box drops under a reporter allowing you to approach a curve in the best conditions. Ne sont pas shock to décalage when shifting. Une might even think that the X-Adv is equipped v a variator! We oui to notification that contrasted with auto Integra the engine brake is much less ... Braking. Nous downshifting, tu hear the engine going increase in the revolutions marqué the slowdown is an extremely timid.

The Kymco AK 550 has been engineered à provide sensations fermé to motorbike. Over there is at life the sound de the exhaust, full, grave, and deported to the rear. That method that in ordinaire driving, her follower will certainly be defeaned, even if the sound is greatly in norms. With its 52.7Hp at 7.500rpm et its torque of 55.64Nm at 5.500rpm, auto AK 550 is doing really well. The engine responds, with a thrust beginning at 4,000rpm and becoming frankly more powerful at 5,000rpm, i beg your pardon ends through a la démence of 7,000rpm. Driving i do not care amusing and alive.

The Yamaha T-Max DX has completely different qualities. In Touring mode, the thrust begins à come in the direction of 5.000rpm and continues toutes les personnes the method up to the très speed. It’s an extremely linear. As well much, beacuse the sensations are a précis lagging behind. It thrusts et even well, marqué the T-Max lacks character. Cette is also neutral. Ce lacks a petit spark which would certainly set feu to the powders. In sport mode, thé thrust start at 1.000tr lower, ont of 4,000rpm cible the thrust is still oui linear. Truly a dead because nous the road, auto featherweight du the T-Max is an invitation to oui fun. Its drive direction is lively and allows left-right that auto X-Adv and the AK 550 look with envy. Their la gestion is a peu heavier et they tendu to expand, haricot de soja they are less players. Auto left-right fast for them are much more physical.

5070 90110 130
AK 550GPS466381101121

Zero venir 100km/h is ran in:

6.35 ’by the T-Max6.13 ’by the AK 5505.5 ’by thé X-Adv.

This ranking is similar in accelerations. In order not to alter thé results, the X-Adv remained in Drive, auto T-max in Touring. Thé X-Adv is practically out of scope through its box that retrograde. Under these conditions, at 80km/h, after downshifting, cette quickly spectacles its behind light to the différent two scooters.

It is between them that thé battle is. Thé Kymco AK 550 takes auto lead but the T-Max clings. He sees half du the AK 550 going ahead, then ¾, et begins venir see his superb line of rear lamp then thé T-Max walk up. Again ¾, then half cible this time, it is auto T-Max. Et the driver du T-Max keeps laugh again since turn de wheel revolutions after ns wheel revolutions, auto T-Max walk up.

RoadT-Max DXX-AdvAK 550
Rigorous framework151615
Road irregularities141815

Highway review

No suspense parce que le this type of route, auto Honda X-Adv holds thé top of the pavement. Its maximum speed leaves thé "small" 550cc behind.

Behind, AK 550 et T-Max ar an extremely close. T-Max is front with couple of advantages.

For protection, auto T-Max’s electric windscreen is ideal. A facile pressure nous the button et the display raises so silence is made. Electricity atelier well despite wind speed et pressure. Conditions météorologiques noticed that in high emplacement the engine revolutions lose 500rpm cible silence is royal.

On circuitT-Max DXX-AdvAK 550
Speedometer kilomètre / h180184171
Gps km / h164170158

We might not have a juge of these 3 maxi-scooters in rainy weather marqué leg protection looks meilleur on AK 550 and T-Max.

Whether conditions météorologiques the road or nous the highway, the T-Max expresses a bourdonner at thé cockpit. This is thé T-Max sound cible it is lastly quite tiring.

MotorwayT-Max DXX-AdvAK 550
Rigorous framework192019
Road irregularities171817


It is nous the Yamaha T-Max that your passenger will be the le meilleur installed. Auto seat is a little too wide cible he jaune she will oui the an ext space nous the seat. Hey may choose to tighten or not thé driver. The taille holding handles will permit him venir tighten during accelerations. Through well-positioned footrests, he can also be lift increase easily nous potholes. Thé rear suspensions is also much more tender. Fine seen, auto stall of the body. Ce allows the passenger to tighten the body at thé level du the calves to maintain also.

On auto Kymco AK 550, auto passenger an are is reduced in length. Auto passenger is therefore rather fermer la porte to the driver-pilot. Thé holding handles room well seen à resist to the muscular accelerations de the scooter. Here too, thé handles et the bulge de the body will allow auto passenger à hold, even si the backsplash will stop him native falling. The suspension is much less tender for the passenger that will it is in happy to take a couple of steps at a stop.

The Honda X-Adv has an ext mellow suspensions cible the seat is harder. Thé passenger will pest against auto handles that he must marche under his thighs to hold, on the condition they space not as well large. Otherwise, he will have to handle auto driver.


Kymco insists conditions météorologiques the fact that the AK 550 is equipped v Brembo brakes on the front. Et that’s right. At 50km / h, thé AK 550 only needed 6.30m à stop.

The T-Max is no outdone with 6.40m. They are seul 10 centimeters cible they space there.

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The X-Adv need 6.80m venir stop. Pour him, it is not the brakes the are venir be questioned but his follow tires. They do not stick enough auto road to oui reduced braking distances.

On the rear brake, conditions météorologiques the AK 550, thé Abs is motivated quickly, really quickly. At auto handlebars, finally, you feel that seulement un the front brake acts to arrêter the mount. On the T-Max, the Abs is also triggered marqué later. The result is the braking seems more balanced in between front et rear. Indigenous this point of view also, the mass transfer is less pronounced than nous the AK 550. Conditions météorologiques the X-Adv, the Abs also triggers marqué remains at the level du the T-Max.

BrakesT-Max DXX-AdvAK 550

Fuel Consumption

During ours review, auto Honda X-Adv was the most sober v a consumption du 3.21l / 100. Yamaha T-Max arrives behind but with a fuel consumption of 5.14l / 100. The AK 550 heels with 5.48l / 100. In différent words, à la these two scooters, auto consumption is identical.

With your 15-liter tanks, thé range is around 300km, varying according to the style de driving.

If auto X-Adv tanker is the smallest ns the three with seulement un 13.1 liters, its prendre note consumption allows a range ns 400km, also varying follow to auto driving style.

Fuel ConsumptionT-Max DXX-AdvAK 550
Liters / 100454

Subjective opinions

There are the measures, i m sorry is explicable, and then there is thé feeling, thé sensations.

Our testers expressed their subjective des avis about auto line, the engine et the pleasure.

ChristopherHonda X-Adv

* Line: various from toutes les personnes that exists actually, the conception is harmonious, aggressive marqué not as well much. V its HTC and Rally colors, I par rapport it to a mini africa Twin.
* Engine: torquy, combined with an exceptional driven gearbox, it just lacks some la vitesse limit. Added to this, a bird appetite, it has tous good.
* Pleasure: excellent, comfortable thanks à its suspension (not to auto seat), thé motorcycle structure offers a very an excellent stability by tous circumstances. Petit caveat nous the behind ABS as well intrusive.

Kymco AK 550

* Line: a an ext aggressive copy in thé drawing of a Tmax. With auto front of a Predator, ce does not aller unnoticed.
* Engine: je vous demande pardon a sound! A complete engine at all speeds.
* Pleasure du driving: less agile than auto Tmax, cette is however much more precise périple train, with a tremendous. Lack of a au sens propre suspensions comfort.

Yamaha T-Max

* Line: timeless, but I find thé front ns the new édition less effective than auto old generation.
* Engine: through a very well calibrated variator, ce is worried at starting. Auto sound du the motor recognizable among thousands does not make je vibrate.
* Pleasure de driving: agile, sporty, comfortable, cette is not à la nothing that ce is alors 1 du sales à la years.

GregoryHonda X-Adv

* Line: avant-garde, seems à be a scooter / motorcycle with année innovative idée including auto front and the steering position. A précis “I do not sait what” du baroudeur (handlebar vast and protection type trail, raised back).
* Engine: brillants engine, seconded with a gearbox the shifts quickly or flexibly according to thé programming. Beware ns the sapin one i beg your pardon is a peu sportive and very short. Auto engine in mode ns is stately pace et at auto limit ns the sleepy mode, in 2nd, cette changes fully in mode S. Auto cartography has actually been fine worked.
* Pleasure: excellent, great position, difficult saddle but finally comfortable, great handling, an excellent shift...

Kymco AK 550

* Line: auto front is not bad enough aggressive with its beak. Thé lines are couper straight and gives a sport side. Thé dashboard is quite nice, though sometimes unreadable, through notifications from her phone. The V-shaped taillights provide a futuristic côté quite noticeable.
* Engine: attacks, nothing venir say, une feels auto acceleration. Engine that knows comment to be heard.
* Pleasure: an excellent braking, great comfort, an excellent handling, suspension a précis hard but value for money unbeatableYamaha T-Max
* Line: beautiful heat pretty well worked marqué so seen et reviewed cible that walk not go out du fashion. Great finishes, great plastic, type dashboard.
* Engine: a functional motor et fairly linear, at ease once launched on highway. Common buzzing.
* Pleasure: a good driving pleasure due to the fact that the scooter is beautiful, thé blue dials too. Ce is a scooter that flatters thé ego je think et gives a slight laugh to auto lips. Good choice as emblematic model comfortable with a well-established after-sales service.

OlivierHonda X-Adv

* Line: an extremely original. No frankly beautiful cible frankly appealing. Prefer a 1200G or other trails.
* Engine: excellent engine, well aided with thé gearbox. Flexible at low speed et quite torquy, it ensures in all situations but, a signification littérale wise, it does no vibrate the motorcycle the sleeps in us, despite its great similarity à motorcycle motors precisely.
* Pleasure: parce que le a scooter is out of the ordinary, hey proposes an ext than what une would dare venir ask. A motorcycle transformed into a scooter.Kymco AK 550
* line: auto front is banal, behind is successful. So a frais line. Too mauvais it exists seul in black or gray ... A précis sad in thé end.
* Engine: an extremely full with steady rises. Very joli noise.
* Pleasure: healthy et rigorous ride qualities, effective braking, great comfort. High-level motor.Yamaha T-Max
* Line: to my opinion thé most effective T-Max. Thé back is specifically beautiful. But this remains in heat with thé T-Max, i beg your pardon is auto ultimate scooter icon et therefore alters pretty little generation after generation.
* Engine: really nice, gros progress at court speed. Below again the famous T-Max sound was very closely preserved. We à faire not uncomfortable the vêtements of ventilateur of auto T-Max icon.
* Pleasure: a super-pleasant scooter to drive, ont usual with auto T-Max. Marqué when elle bring auto overall level ns the moto to its price, auto account is not there since it is equal jeu with thé Kymco. A high level machine.


Considering points, the Yamaha T-Max wins v a total ns 360 points. Win at points marqué not par knockout. Ce is followed de the Kymco AK 550 et the Honda X-Adv which venir equally placed with 356 points each one. A very short victory points out auto fact that these three scooters are finally very close.

Three scooters, three different modes that come à energize a previously frozen segment. The T-Max is a known et recognized scooter. Sit behind the handlebar, you à faire not need a business card, it poses tu socially et economically. You do not also need à turn the handle, tous know!

With auto AK 550, unknown pour the moment, elle are much more nous basics that aller not clutter with images. The sens in the pure state, the raw pleasure that a dépistage does not bother, that is auto AK 550.

For auto X-Adv, you have either ns them. You ont a watch staggered marqué real efficiency, a look ns adventurer cible you will be maybe to parade on the région Elysées, a suit-tie towel lattice.

At auto time du choice, difficult à say which du the three is auto best. Question du impulse, du feeling, completely subjective and also ns purse!

And that specific point, elle are the only you one who can see.

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Thanks à Honda Poissy moto Sports Chambourcy for the loan of the X-Adv

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