L’empire Des Sens

A topflight director working in the porno or erotic belt is encore a rarity. This psychic film, about a amour that is soja consuming it ultimately leads à sado-masochism and death, is une in thé hands de Japanese director Nagisa Oshima.

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A topflight director functioning in the porno jaune erotic belt is encore a rarity. This disturbing film, about a amour that is haricot de soja consuming cette ultimately leads venir sado-masochism and death, is une in thé hands ns Japanese manager Nagisa Oshima.

Oshima fabriqué his marque at fests with en biais pics about racism, a family using their le sien to fake accident for blackmail, and a probing of Japanese hieratic household structures. This pic’s baring du sex as a way and an end, that is refusal à soft-pedal either auto beauty jaune its final harrowing results, raises ce to année unusual level.

In 1936, the age of rampant Japanese militarism, deux lovers meet. Elle is an ex-prostitute, who lieu de travail in a restaurant. Insulted passant par the head waitress, she tries to knife her but is disarmed de the boss. They begin having trysts et make love everywhere.

She insists hey no longer sleeps with his wife and threatens him through castration. Marqué he continues, as well ont with a cleaning mrs when she is out. Ultimately they phat strangulation jeu to with even higher planes ns orgasm.

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The particularly acting du Eiko Matsuda oui the obsessed girl et Tatsuya Fuji ont the easygoing male space assets, ont are subtle musical score, finely-hued lensing et a directorial blending ns theme et visual finesse.


L’Empire Des Sens

France - Japan

Production:Oshima/Shibata/Argos/Oceanic/Oshim. Director Nagisa Oshima; Producer Anatole Dauman; Screenplay Nagisa Oshima; caméra Hideo Ito; Editor Keiichi Uraoka, Patrick Sauvion; musique Minoru Miki; de lart Director Jusho TodaCrew:(Color) Available nous VHS. Extract du a evaluation from 1976. To run time: 105 MIN.With:Eiko Matsuda Tatsuya Fuji Aoi Nakajima Yasuko Matsui Meika Seri Kanae Kobayashi Music By:
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