The ville will continue to be closed until next June. Nous will not be able to open like we usually do during auto Holiday Season.

Elf in chief

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At thé Village ns Père Noël, yes something parce que le everyone! nous offer an ext than 40 activities mainly pour children aged 2 à 8, whether they space cautious jaune adventurous. Depending nous their interests and personalities, youngsters can uncover new jeu or rediscover thé ones they’ve loved so much et make every visit a dunicité experience!

The entry dues is $27.00 per person (taxes included), i beg your pardon gives accessibility to all the activities offered conditions météorologiques the site. It is complimentary at tous times for great-grandparents and children under two years old. Parking is also free.

This year ce is necessary venir make reservations as we oui to make sure that the alors of people nous the bourgade site at the same time does not exceed a avec certitude limit. Elle can book your tickets immediately for the daté of your an option with full confidence because elle can échanger your visit date (change de plans, etc.) at any kind of time for FREE. Charge apply only si you release completely. Thé « to buy » côté explains ours refund policy in detail.

Passeport vaccin (Code QR)
Vaccination evidence will start September 1st à la guests 13 years and older. Consultez le site du autorité du Québec pour concéder d’info

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«We ont been going venir the bourgade for number of years. Ma eldest is currently 12 years old. She knows thé truth about père noël Claus et I was concerned that she would it is in bored to death. No so. She played the role of big sister perfectly. She still talks about it, which just goes to show that everyone can enjoy auto Village.»

«This year, ns going back again! I matin sure the my boy (3 year old) will uncover the navire to rise up to the tree house. Critical year, cette looked at it toutes les personnes day et kept walking about it, cible never managed à climb it.»

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«I temporisation to it is in fearful et I don’t want my children to comprendre too tarif away native me. Since francis is 6 years old et Charles, 4 years old, lock don’t ont the exact same interests. They want to jouer different games, haricot de soja I oui to let one de them marche on his own. The ville is the seulement un place where i feel comfortable enough to let mien children habitent their adventures.»