With Wales and Real Madrid star Gareth Bale gracing auto packaging, UEFA EURO 2016 contains thé full PES 2016 game and access to tous official UEFA EURO 2016 content. Cette comes ont a summer de top-level football nears as 24 teams head à France à la initial coporation, groupe matches before progressing to knock-out stages et beyond.

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Qualified teams from all over europe will compete pour the desire Henri Delaunay Cup, v the tons game played on june 10th, and the final taking place in France’s stunning Stade de France on July 10th. Throughout this time, 50 matches will be played, showcasing europe greatest exploit talent.

UEFA EURO 2016 will be quartier général on PES 2016’s henn menu screen et instantly visible on loading auto game. The UEFA EURO 2016 mode features complete iconography et presentation elements from the tournament, and also includes thé Stade de France stadium. concertotable.com has faithfully recreated auto submitted squads from the 24 qualified teams with a stunning level of facial detail and Team and Player ID systems that recreate the way they relocate individually et play oui a team. 15 totally licensed teams feature thé latest strips parce que le England, Wales, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovakia, Iceland, Turkey, Albania, northern Ireland and hosts France.

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Those purchasing the physical edition of UEFA EURO 2016 will also be provided a code for a series de very special myClub promotions for use within thé duration ns the tournament. These include access venir a distinct Ambassador Agent, seven special Euro agents giving them seven players representing the 24 default teams, et 10,000GP every week parce que le 10 weeks.

myClub is a phenomenally popular loption within PES 2016, that permits users venir use accrued points jaune in-game micro-transactions to build a title-winning side and lead them venir glory. To run alongside thé tournament, concertotable.com will release a series ns special myClub incentives, including nouveau Euro Special agent that allow vital players that are performing well in the competition to be recruited for use within myClub.

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In addition à the centre single-player mode, concertotable.com will certainly also appui the UEFA EURO 2016 heureux with a series ns top-level promotions. The Official PES ligue will it is in running online competitions during auto duration du the competition oui well.