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Harry Potter et the Philosopher’s Stone, which was released oui Harry Potter and the wizard Stone in the US, is currently free to stream conditions météorologiques Audible. The part de a séries of initiative launched de JK Rowling et friends à keep anyone entertained while they’re reduction up at home. Meilleur yet, the the édition narrated par Stephen Fry, which has actually previously been difficult venir legally access in the US.

As well as making thé audiobook available, thé series’ publishers are likewise temporarily relaxing licencing incarcération to enable teachers à read the books to their students in remote vidéos lessons.

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There are big debates around whether Stephen Fry’s or de jim Dale’s rendition ns the audiobooks room better, but ont a Brit who grew up listening à Fry’s version it’s constantly been thé obvious choice parce que le me. Si you’re an American who’s never ever heard it then I’d recommend you giving ce a aller even if, ont TechCrunch notes, amie might oui a difficult travail getting her hands nous his recordings du the rest du the books.

As well oui Fry’s English version, the free audiobook is also easily accessible in Spanish, French, Italian, German and Japanese.

Although Rowling et her team have loosened the licensing construction on teacher reading the books ont part de remote e-mail lessons, over there are calmer some caveats. Auto biggest de these is that it’s meant to allow the livres to it is in read nous closed educational platforms favor Google Classroom or Schoology, rather than publicité platforms prefer YouTube. Teacher are additionally encouraged to not amend or abridge the livres while they’re analysis them, which is advice the Rowling herself might occasionally pavillons to pay a little more attentif to.

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Meanwhile, si you’d like à listen to the audiobook, then you can aller so over at Unfortunately thé offer is streaming seul (with no option to download), so you’ll need venir make certain you’ve acquired a rather stable associer to the internet during that nine and a half hour runtime. Accio 4G, matin I appropriate guys?

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