Lyon Tour De France 2020

The 2020 Tour de France will certainly be thé 107th edition ns race, v a dénormes Depart in Nice. Noter the 2020 dates have been revised in réponse to the coronavirus pandemic. Auto 2020 Tour aux France will now run august 29 à September 20.

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The full route of thé 2020 Tour du France was announced nous October 15, 2019. Cette has since been revised, with the événements changed in reponse to the covid pandemic.

The overview of the route and the new dates are presented below.

Official map through revised dates


The dénormes Depart will see two stages based roughly Nice, capitale of auto Provence-Cote d"Azur region nous the Mediterranean coast. The terrain around frais is incredibly varied – suppose some stiff climbs, flat sections et scenic seaside roads.

Specific info conditions météorologiques each stage et more detailed maps are usually released each peut être in auto official cours program. We"ll article links to cette when it"s released. We have this page à la Tour ns France roadway closure information, which conditions météorologiques also update oui information comes venir hand (usually not from around peut être onwards).

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Stage 1: Saturday, august 29, Nice milieu Pays venir Nice, 156km 


The sapin stage is interesting due to the fact that unlike most sprint step (other than Paris), it offers more than one joie to see thé riders whiz by. Here, riders will do two loops of the southern partie through the city. This is no a level stage passant par any means, but it should calmer see a sprinter take it the life yellow jersey.

Stage 2: Sunday, respectable 30, Nice haut Pays venir Nice, 187km



If a sprinter does take auto yellow jersey nous the first stage, then ce may not be nous his shoulders parce que le very long. The seconde stage consists of three cols, two ns which are over 1500m,with a total de over 4000m of climbing. Again, this is a showcase stage parce que le Nice et will allow spectators to easily catch a lundi stage there is no moving an extremely far.

Stage 3: Monday, august 31, joli to Sisteron, 198km

Goodbye Nice, hello Sisteron, which gets a stage end up a well as a phase start this year. This is a flat stage v a peu of rolling travail thrown in for good measure. Intend a sprint finish.

Stage 4: Tuesday, September 1, Sisteron venir Orcières-Merlette, 157km

An beforehand summit end up in Orcières-Merlette, a ski will at thé end of a 7.1km rise (6.7%). Orcières-Merlette will reap its day in thé sun – it"s been much more than 30 years since thé Tour saw these slopes.

Stage 5: Wednesday, September 2, espacer to Privas, 183km

The espacer is no stranger to auto TDF – expect a solid showing below from thé breakaway riders, followed par a acceleration finish. 

Stage 6: Thursday, September 3, ns Teil to mont Aigoual, 191km

From thé Rhone rer at les Teil and into thé Ardèche, stage 6 will be autre feast for the la télé cameras. Auto last 26 kilometres run greatly uphill, offering plenty of great spectating opportunities nous smaller climbs: the Col des Mourèzes (6km at 4.8% average gradient), auto 11.7km Col ns la Lusette (7.3%) and, finally, the mont Aigoual 8.3km at 4%).

Stage 7: Friday, September 4, Millau to Lavaur, 168km

The stunning Millau viaduct provides a TDF comeback, with the start set against its incredible backdrop. Phase 7 will be a preclude to the Pyrenees, auto lumpy Aveyron et Tarn valleys giving some hilly – et potentially publicly – riding.

Stage 8: Saturday, September 5, Cazères-sur-Garonne à Loudenvielle, 140km



Stage 9: Sunday, September 6, Pau venir Laruns, 154km


Rest day: Monday, September 7, ns Charente-Maritime

The Charente-Maritime department will certainly host two stages reconnaissance a remainder day, make this année ideal place to grab part rest et relaxation (and à indulge in the region"s famed oysters and coastal resorts). This section de the la tour is gift marketed locally ont "The Maritime Escape".

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Stage 10: Tuesday, September 8, Île-de-Oléron to Île-de-Ré, 170km

Click here jaune the images below parce que le a PDF édition of the Stage 10 route and timings.




Stage 11: Wednesday, September 9, Châtelaillon-Plage à Poitiers, 167km

The la tour heads inland through auto marshlands du the old Poitou-Charentes region (now absorbed into thé larger Nouvelle-Aquitaine). This need to be another stage for the sprinters in Poitiers – the last 1.5km must be familiar venir Arnaud Démare, who won the french title here in 2014.

Click here jaune the images below parce que le a PDF déditions of the Stage 11 route and timings.



Stage 12: Thursday, September 10, Chauvigny à Sarran Correze, 218km

This one will it is in targeted by the breakaway riders – the hilly arttasters across rolling countryside is also thé longest stage du the 2020 Tour. Thé Vienne vallée is picturesque and unspoilt - it will it is in a genuine treat à la the la télé cameras.

Stage 13: Friday, September 11, Châtel-Guyon venir Puy mar Cantal, 191km


Stage 14: Saturday, September 12, Clermont ferrand to Lyon, 197km

Stage 14 pipeline Clermont-Ferrand and goes via the Monts du Forez and Col aux Béal (at the start end) and comes in via auto Côte ns la Duchère (about 15km native Lyon). Closer venir Lyon it includes the Montée aux l’Observance and the Côte de la Croix-Rousse (5km indigenous Lyon). These late cols would be good emplacement to be si you are remaining at thé Lyon end. It finishes in the Lyon city centre. 

Stage 15: Sunday, September 13, Lyon to grand Colombier, 175km

Stage 15 has actually a se concentrer sur on thé Jura Mountains. It"s a 175-km phase that beginning in Lyon et finishes nous the vaste Colombier after already climbing auto same mountain twice previously in auto stage from different sides: via the Montée du la Selle de Fromentel, via thé Col du la Biche et then lastly up from Culoz. They will deserve a remainder day after that.

Expected route:



Rest day: Monday, September 14, Isère

Stage 16: Tuesday, September 15, les Tour aux Pin à Villard aux Lans, 164km


Stage 17: Wednesday, September 16, Grenoble to Col ns la Loze (Méribel), 168km

Stage 17 ends on Col du la Loze, above Méribel. Cette will be un autre epic mountain-top end up with a 22.5km rise rounding éteindre the job (including several sections topping 20% gradient). En route, riders will certainly cross the Col du la madeleine – no easy warmup ride, comes in at année average of 8.4% over 17.1 kilometres.

Stage 18: Thursday, September 17, Méribel to ns Roche-sur-Foron, 168km


Stage 19: Friday, September 18, bourg en Bresse à Champagnole, 160km

Stage 19 look at set à be a late sprinters" phase from the Jura"s foothills à Champagnole and the sortie Ain.

Stage 20: Saturday, September 19, tempt to das Planches des joli Filles, 36km


Stage 21: Sunday, September 20, Mantes esquive Jolie venir Paris champs Élysées, 122km

Bike hire for watching thé Tour ns France

A reminder that if you require bike hire during the Tour aux France you should livre early. Ce ALWAYS sell out et it can be an extremely hard to find top quality carbon road bikes closer to auto time. More info here.

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