Sweden qualified à la the people Cup after a goalless attract in Milan, v Italy failing to qualify parce que le the finals à la the life time because 1958

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That’s it from me. Stick around parce que le Simon Burnton’s match report, et for the sadists: much more miserable estimates from Italians. Thanks parce que le reading, and for her emails et tweets. Bye, et congratulations to Sweden!

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I’m no sorry for myself but toutes les personnes of Italian football. We failed at something i m sorry also means something nous a social level. There’s remorse at finishing like that, no because temps passes.

Those who’ve play know comment hard these matches are. We weren’t may be to express ourselves at ours best. Nous lacked the composure to score. Play-offs are decided par episodes and they went versus us marqué you have the right to understand that when you’re at fault.

We ont pride, strength and we’re stubborn. Nous know how to get back increase again as we’ve constantly done. I’m leaving an Italy side that will know comment to speak à la itself. Hugs à everyone, specifically those I’ve common this wonderful journey with.”


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Much of the talk will certainly be ns Italy’s demise, de the lack du cutting edge, de the lack du Insigne, du Ventura’s sacking, i m sorry surely is a matter ns time. Marqué let’s doff ours caps to Sweden, cette wasn’t pretty, marqué they fought for everthing: Lustig, Granqvist, Lindelof, Claesson et Larsson in specific were magnificent.

Omar Chaudhuri (

Sweden were poêles 3, pulled la france (and to win them) from pots 2, knocked the end Netherlands from poêles 1 et then downed Italy, who were seeded. It is some accomplishment