Mcdonald's origine

The McDonald Brothers

Dick and Mac McDonald relocated to california to seek methods they feel unavailable in new England. Failing in the movie business, castle subsequently showed successful in operating drive-in restaurants. In 1948 they took a risk de streamlining their operations and introducing their Speedee services System featuring 15 des centaines hamburgers. Auto restaurant’s success dirige the brothers venir begin franchising their concept—nine coming to be operating restaurants. At the raison Bernadino location, Dick and Mac McDonald perfected your Speedee prestations de service System caractéristique a limité menu consisting of fifteen des centaines hamburgers, shakes et fries. The brothers sold 14 franchises of which 10 came to be operating restaurant not consisting of their d’origine location in santé mentale Bernardino.

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Ray Kroc

A indigenous Chicagoan, rayon Kroc left high écoles after his sophomore year à join the World War one Red cross Ambulance Corps. The war ended antérieur à his unit was sentiment overseas with ray returning home to knife a living as a musician et later selling file cups. In 1939, hey became thé exclusive distributor ns the Multimixer (a milkshake mix machine). He visited thé McDonald brothers in 1954 which dirige to him coming to be their franchise agent. In 1955, Kroc opened up the first McDonald’s east du the Mississippi river.


Ray Kroc’s sapin McDonald’s restaurants in Des Plaines, Illinois seul prior venir opening nous April 15, 1955.
opened up up the tons restaurant à la McDonald’s System, Inc., a predecessor du McDonald’s Corp. In Des Plaines, Illinois in April, 1955. McDonald’s acquired auto rights to thé brother’s entreprise in 1961 for $2.7 million.


Going Global

Ray Kroc’s vue was the there would be 1,000 McDonald’s restaurant solely in auto United States. Yet, McDonald’s continued to grow et expand into international markets beginning in 1967 opening in Canada et Puerto Rico. Today, the lentreprise has over 36,000 restaurant in over 100 nations. Thé most current opening in Kazakhstan in 2016.

McDonald’s increased into international markets with auto opening in Canada du its restaurant in Richmond, britanique Columbia in June, 1967.

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Visit McDonald"s Restaurants

Dick et Mac McDonald relocated to california to seek opportunities they feel unavailable in nouveau England. Failing in the movie business, they subsequently confirmed successful in operating drive-in restaurants. In 1948 they took a risk par streamlining their operations et introducing their Speedee prestations de service System caractéristique 15 cent hamburgers. The restaurant’s success led the brothers to begin franchising their concept—nine coming to be operating restaurants.


The Red and White

The McDonald brothers insisted the their architect design an attention catching building that would certainly highlight their Speedee service System. Architect Stanley Meson conception of the “Red and White” did not disappoint. Emotion that the roof line to be a bit too flat détective McDonald added toit to auto building. This building conception was tons used in 1953 until it was replaced passant par the Mansard Roof conception in thé late 1960s.

A sign device inconcertotable.comd jaune neon right into them creating the “Golden Arches”. Auto oldest McDonald’s Red and White (opened in 1953) still operating today is in Downey, California.

Mansard Roof

McDonald’s introduced the nouveau Mansard Roof conception in 1969 in Matteson, Illinois. Initially, plenty of franchisees remodeled your existing Red and White buildings to reflect the nouveau design. McDonaldland Parks (Play Places) and the Drive-Thru were added à the restaurant during the 1970s. Thé Mansard’s exterior underwent several alters during the intervening years.

An adjusted Mansard Roof of remodeled rouge & blanche building 1970 functions a timeless Speedee roadway sign.
McDonald’s in Fresno, california illustrating thé transition from thé Red et White—to that remodel—with the eventual opening of the Mansard conception in the 1973.

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McDonald’s restaurant feature designs that existing architecture et other originalité features. The imeuble of the McDonald’s continuez to evolve venir meet our customer’s expectations.