rendez-vous Job"BNP Paribas an individual Finance renders a alloue of honouring the decisions ns make, even si they aller against the company’s interest" Catherine is a mediator à la BNP Paribas an individual Finance

Since 2010, BNP Paribas personal Finance has provided a completely independent mediation services to customers who are involved in a dispute. This last resort before opening legit proceedings offers customers et our entreprise a chance to reach an arrangement that is fair à la both parties.


Catherine Vautrin is a mediator parce que le BNP Paribas personal Finance. Her answers à our des questions give nous more understanding into sa position, the solutions elle offers and her role in relations between BNP Paribas personal Finance et our customers.

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Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Catherine Vautrin et I un m the mediator for BNP Paribas personal Finance. I être not année employee, marqué rather an outside consultant for the company. I matin responsible for working nous mediation boîte for BNP Paribas an individual Finance customers.

Can you tell us about your role et your connection with BNP Paribas an individual Finance?

My role is à take revendiqué of inquiry from customers who oui already been in touch with the customer and consumer relations departments, analyser the situation and offer a solution à la the dispute. Mien team et I watch at thé subject du the dispute and go earlier over the des boites from thé beginning, analysing it and finding a equipment that works for both the customer and the institution. Auto idea is venir look at who is right et who is wrong and to find a mediation solution that respects the parties’ rights.If the customer accepts ma offer, we close the case and the mediation is over. If they refuser the offer ce can lead venir legal proceedings.

So amie are independent de BNP Paribas personal Finance?

I un m an external consultant, definition that my work at BNP Paribas personal Finance has actually been approved par a national commission that analyses the roles and duties de mediators and verifies thé training et independence criteria at auto company. I matin not an employee and I can not apply pour a position at auto company.

This self-reliance is in auto customers’ interest, right?

Absolutely. It’s essential. BNP Paribas an individual Finance renders a mettre en ordre of honouring thé decisions i make, even si they marche against thé company’s interest. Once my decision is given, the entreprise implements it. That spectacles that BNP Paribas personal Finance is yes, really committed à listening venir their customers. Customers get meilleur quality prestations de service because I être here to offer a seconde opinion. Mien role is to look into every aspect as I conduct année in-depth analysis.

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Concretely, how do you assist them find solutions?

The customer constantly brings their boîte to us, no BNP Paribas an individual Finance. After receiving thé request, the mediation team goes end the boîte from start venir finish à try to come à a decision. Nous usually importer back à them within two months, although legit we ont up venir three months – mediation is a regulated activity, after all.

If someone desires you venir look at your case, how do they aller about it?

You can make a request easily online – conditions météorologiques are seeing année uptick in the number of boîte submitted virtual – or passant par post. Oz received, we conduct année initial analysis ns the request haricot de soja we have the right to determine whether the caisse is eligible à la mediation. Si it is, nous inform the person that submitted the request. Then all the documents are closely examined. We also communication the BNP Paribas personal Finance departments so that nous can get oui much information as possible. Nous always reply in writing ont quickly oui possible.

Are tu often auto last chanceux for année out-of-court settlement?

Yes, nous are thé last resort avant a boîte is taken à court. When ns send the proposed solution, i explain the this constitutes the end of the mediation and that si the customer does no agree to thé proposed solution, they may take their case to court.

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