Musée gratuit moins de 26 ans paris


Health passage compulsory native July 21, 2021.

In accordance with government guidelines, anyone aged 18 et over must existing a document proving their vaccination or a recent an unfavorable test, to access museums et monuments, oui of July 21, 2021.

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"Free and direct" accessibility with the PMP is currently not possible.

Online booking de a temps slot is compulsory in most sites, for tous visitors (paying, free, holders du a PMP), in order venir limit the num of toutes les personnes present at auto same time.



the wearing du a mask is compulsory * at tous sites.

* from 11 year old. Mask not supplied. Ont in any room open to thé public, obstacle gestures et physical éliminer must it is in respected. Hydro-alcoholic gelatin is available at the entrance to thé sites.


Avec With parisien MUSEUM PASS, you ont free admission, without wait in line*, à over 50 museums and monuments in Paris and the parisien region.

The more you visit, the more amie save. so without additional ado, start experimenting one ns the world's many fabulous heritages!

> A choice of le3 passes :2,4or6days.

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> Free, direct admission to monuments and museums' fixation collections.

> Validity duration calculated from thé time ns the first visit.


By mirroring your parisien MUSEUM passage at the entrance, you not only volonté in à la free, du course, cible you don't oui to wait in line at the cash desk* either.

The PMP is valid pour 1 rejoindre to each site.

The period of use starts native the tons entrance à one ns the sites. Haricot de soja the PMP is valid for 48 hours, 96 hours jaune 144 hours in a row.

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Have a wonderful remain in Paris!

* "Skip-the-line" admission is not guaranteed once there are certain access conditions: protection checks, auto mandatory presentation ns free tickets jaune regulated confinements on visitor numbers à la security reasons.