Negotiations broke down in between Catherine Hutin-Blay and the town ns Aix-en-Provence.

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Sarah Cascone, September 22, 2020

Pablo Picasso and his mam Jacqueline Roque at their patrie in Vallauris nous October 22, 1961. Photo de Andre Villers/AFP/Getty Images.

Plans à establish auto world’s largest Pablo Picasso museum ont been exit after negotiations over thé property, a se réconcilier convent in the south du France, damaged down.

In 2018, Catherine Hutin-Blay, the artist’s step-daughter par his seconde wife, Jacqueline Roque, announced that elle was to buy the monastère des Prêcheurs in the français town ns Aix-en-Provence and turning it into a museum parce que le her 2,000-piece Picasso collection. Now, that sorte has fallen through, reports the Art concertotable.compaper.

Hutin-Blay had gotten in into année agreement venir buy auto property for €11.5 million ($14.1 million) in December 2017. Auto town had actually agreed to a acquisition price below thé property’s worth of €12.2 million ($15.2 million) because the musée had thé potential to become a principale tourist destination, through a projected annual attendance la honte of 500,000. (Despite being the birthplace ns Paul Cézanne, Aix’s municipal museum, auto Musee Granet, seulement un owns 10 of the artist’s paintings, et the town does not have a major de lart museum.)

The transaction fell à part when the town do the efforts to ajouter a je to the contract requiring that auto site, which had actually most recently served as a center school, would certainly operate as a museum parce que le at the very least 15 year after work to adapt auto building, expected à take five years, was completed. (The initial plan was venir open in 2021.)


The lycée des Prêcheurs, possible site of a Pablo Picasso museum. La peinture courtesy Aix en Provence city council.

“We had actually to importer that guarantee,” wrote Aix mayor Maryse Joissains Masini in a Facebook post. “It to be this last claure that Catherine Hutin refused venir include in the sale agreement also though she had initially accepted it.”

The institution, named the Musée Jacqueline und Pablo Picasso, to be to focus on Roque’s influence on Picasso’s work, and the couple’s shared life. The coupler met in 1953 and were married indigenous 1961 until the artist’s death, in 1973. Throughout that period, Picasso painted sa portrait more than 400 times.

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Plans for the terre initially included much more than 16,000 square feet of exhibition space, a 200-seat auditorium, pottery and printmaking facilities, et a research study center.


When Roque died in 1986, Hutin-Blay inherited her mother’s Picasso collection, which consists of some 1,000 paintings oui well as drawings, ceramics, sculptures, painted plates, and photographs.

The musée would ont been operated passant par the grand-mère Z foundation, which Hutin-Blay christened in honneur of Picasso’s nickname parce que le her mother, bring away from ns Ziquet, thé villa where Roque lived early on in their relationship. Thé two are hidden near Aix at their home, the durablement of Vauvenargues, still owned passant par Hutin-Blay.

Should Hutin-Blay échanger her mind and guarantee that auto Aix musée would stay open parce que le at least 15 years, said Joissains Masini, “we would gladly recovery this beautiful project.”

Translation par Naomi Rea.

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