Nice to monte carlo train

Getting from frais to Monaco passant par train is cheap and easy, et there room numerous trains that run throughout thé day from at an early stage morning until late at night. Monaco is a well-known day trip from Nice, haricot de soja expect thé trains venir be crowded, particularly during mèche hour once commuters room heading to or from Monaco.

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Waiting parce que le The former At Nice municipal StationWhen nous took the train at noon nous a Sunday, et the platform was packed v day-trippers headed à la Monaco et other stops along thé way.

Nice communauté To Monaco Monte-Carlo TrainTickets parce que le this journey cost EUR 3.90 parce que le single et EUR 7.20 pour a return. Elle can buy this from thé ticket machines at Nice communauté station.

Ticket device At Nice ville Station, FranceThe billet machines oui a choice ns languages, consisting of English, German, Italian, Spanish and French. Amie can also buy the tickets at auto ticket office, but the queues are usually really long.

Monaco Monte-Carlo train StationThe journey venir Monaco Monte-Carlo takes approximately 20 minutes, with five stops along the way, at frais Riquier, Villefranche d’environ Mer, Beaulieu dessus Mer, Eze, et Cap D’Ail. If you oui enough time, some du these emplacement are likewise worth a visit.

Monaco Monte-Carlo former StationThere isn’t any kind of passport control between France and Monaco, so ce just feel like de nouveau town in France, return English is much more widely talked in Monaco than in France.

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Ticket maker At Monaco Monte-Carlo StationThe ticket machines that we saw at Monaco Monte-Carlo gare were in French, soja could it is in a au sens propre confusing if you don’t recognize French. Even auto English ticket machine are confusing enough! these ticket machines accept cash and credit cards.

Monaco Monte-Carlo à Nice communes TrainThere are also buses the travel between Nice et Monaco. Watch for bus no. 100. Tickets expense EUR 1.50 each way.

Where à Stay In Monaco/Nice

Hotel Star, NiceMost visitors venir Monaco remain in Nice, as it’s much an ext affordable. This is also quel where we stayed. à la our tons few la nuit we remained at Hotel Star, i beg your pardon is a located in the city center et only about 800 meters from auto train station. The room was freshly renovated and we had type views indigenous both the bedroom and bathroom windows. Pour our critique two nuit we continued to be at Ibis Nice quartier général Gare near auto train station. à la other good hotels in Nice, check out Agoda Nice. Pour great hotels in Monaco, check out Agoda Monaco.



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