Niki de saint phalle et jean tinguely

On view now at Samuelis Baumgarte gallery in Bielefeld, Germany, thé exhibition brings together 40 works from a 40-year-span.

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Installation view du “Niki du Saint Phalle et Jean Tinguely: Worldviews jaune The Irony du Things” at Samuelis Baumgarte Gallery, 2018.

Niki de Saint Phalle et Jean Tinguely were one ns the most vivid artist duos of the 20th century. On-and-off partners in life and art, they were referred to by many oui “Bonnie et Clyde of the de lart World,” known for their chic look, adventurous—even tumultuous—relationship, and, over all, their restless yen for creative collaboration.

“Worldviews or The Irony de Things,” a nouveau show on view currently at Samuelis Baumgarte gallery in Bielefeld, Germany, sheds part light conditions météorologiques the artists’ relationship, from your collaborative works venir the influences that lock had nous each other’s individual practices. Thé exhibition brings together 40 works, date from 1959 venir 2000. It’s année eclectic grouping, but such is venir be supposed given thé two artists’ prolific careers et their capacity parce que le self-reinvention.

Included room de Saint Phalle’s so late “Nana” sculptures—colorful, curvy female la honte made from resin—as well ont a selection of her drawings from auto late 1970s through the ‘90s. Lock paired through Tinguely’s illustrations from auto ’70s, mixed-media affecter from auto ’80s, and kinetic sculptures from late ’80s et early ’90s. Auto exhibition is accompanied de a 96-page lister with a timeline du the artists’ lives et careers.

Niki aux Saint-Phalle (C) with other artists jean Tinguely (L) and Per Olof Ultvedt (R) throughout the restrictions of their giant sculpture “She-a cathedral” at the museum of Modern de lart in Stockholm, 1966. AFP/Getty Images.

De heilig Phalle et Tinguely sapin met in parisien in 1956. Tinguely was married à his first mam at auto time, fellow artist Eva Aeppli, while aux Saint Phalle was still with her life husband, take care of Mathews. The two started working together not longue after, when du Saint Phalle inquiry her en vigueur partner venir create année armature pour her sapin sculpture.

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The deux moved into an artist colony together in 1960—the beginning de a period du time that would certainly prove à be an extremely influential parce que le both artists. They shared a small studio space and soon came to be integrated right into the nouveau Réalisme grouper of artists—a crew that included Arman, Christo, and Yves Klein. During this time, castle were additionally introduced to many noteworthy European artists, such oui Marcel Duchamp, Salvador Dalí, ont well ont a num of American artists experimenting Paris—like Robert Rauschenberg, jasper Johns, et Larry Rivers.


Installation view ns “Niki de Saint Phalle et Jean Tinguely: Worldviews jaune The Irony du Things” at Samuelis Baumgarte Gallery, 2018.

In 1966, du Saint Phalle et Tinguely perfect one of their best-known at an early stage collaborations. Working with Finnish artist tout de suite Olof Ultvedt, they installed a monumental reclining female nude gravure titled Hon (‘she’ in Swedish) in the entrance hall of the moderne Museet in Stockholm. Visitors gone into the pièce through a door positioned at the woman’s vagina, and inside there was a theater, a fish pond, et a milk bar, among est différent features. Hon was a crucial success, putting thé two artists conditions météorologiques the internationale map. They would aller on to collaborate nous a great many projects, including du Saint Phalle’s Tarot jardin in Tuscany, auto Stravinsky fountain in Paris, and the 1976 cinématicien Un rêve reconnaissance long que la nuit.

Niki et Jean married in auto summer ns 1971. Their relationship ont friends and creative partner lasted up till Tinguely’s death in 1991, despite they separated ont a couple long antérieur à that.


Installation view du “Niki aux Saint Phalle and Jean Tinguely: Worldviews jaune The Irony ns Things” at Samuelis Baumgarte Gallery, 2018.

“Worldviews jaune The Irony de Things” is nous view at Samuelis Baumgarte gallery through june 30, 2018.

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