Nom Des Bouteille De Champagne

You didn"t know by heart auto name de the wine bottles de size ? how many glasses to serve v a party ? Discover it with auto wine blog…

Thanks to this article, which is thé most complete nous the web, you"ll have toutes les personnes the tricks to know the names and sizes ns wine bottles. All you have to do is make ce yours et use cette when you have wine tastings.

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What are the names and sizes of wine party ?

Bottle nameBottle capacity
Small0,20 Liters
Quarter0,25 Liters
Half jaune Girl0,375 Liters
Medium0,50 Liters
Bottle0,75 Liters
Magnum1,5 Liters
Jeroboam3 Liters
Rehoboam4,5 Liters
Methuselah6 Liters
Salmanazar9 Liters
Balthazar12 Liters
Nebuchadnezzar15 Liters
Melchior jaune Salomon18 Liters
Sovereign26,25 Liters
Primate27 Liters
Midas or Melchiesedech30 Liters

Some special des boites of bottles name

Because a picture is worth a thousand words, right here is a petit summary du the size and countenance ns wine bottles.


Since Bordeaux don"t like to aller what anyone else does, there are a few subtleties not à be forgotten :

Marie-Jeanne : 2,5 litersDouble Magnum : 3 litersJeroboam : 4,5 litersImperial : 6 liters

Finally, there room a few exception from divers regions :

Pot lyonnais : 46 Centilitresla Désirée la suisse : 50 centilitres — et with thé accent ! —Clavelin Jurassien pour yellow wines : 62 Centilitresthe grosse Panse de Liège : 1,28 liter once

To help elle remember auto name and order de the most common bottles, mental this sentence…

« continue to be Quiet fifty percent Boy, nom de garçon Jackson Really provides Small les gars Nervous ”.

If amie are thinking that this la phrase makes no sense, it"s normal. Yet, ce is a mnemotechnical régner to memorize the sizes of bottles in auto increasing order du countenance.

Each word corresponds venir a countenance in that order de appearance : Small, Quarter, Half, Bottle, Magnum, Jeroboam, Rehoboam, Methuselah, Salmanazar, Balthazar, Nebuchadnezzar.

How countless glass includes a bottle de wine or champagne ?

Whatever occasion drives you venir uncork a bottle ns wine or champagne : a wedding, a birthday, a meal… it"s considérable to asking yourself comment many bottles are needed sauce soja you don"t run out.

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A bottle of wine or champagne allows à serve 6 glasses.

I trop sale to introduce a bottle to serve 6 glasses. De course, this value is indicative et may vary depending conditions météorologiques the size ns the glass ! cette may be worth a few more bottles. Castle won"t be lost and it would be frustrating to run out of drinks à offer her guests jaune not to be able venir replace a wine through a defect…

What duty does the size ns the wine bottle play? ?

It is frequently said that ce is not the size that counts. Yet, in thé world du wine this sentence is not quite true. Indeed, it is regularly recommended venir put forward thé magnum à la prolonged alcohol preservation. Cette keeps and evolves meilleur than a wine in a standard bottle.

Two factors help venir explain this phenomenon :

Principle de thermal inertia

One of the causes de poor alcohol ageing room temperature shocks. The outside temperature is sent to the wine through auto glass de the bottle. Thé greater auto capacity du your bottle is, thé longer it will take for the liquid to be at thé same temperature.

Gas exchange principle

The cork used venir seal auto wine bottle enables a positif exchange of air between auto wine and the outside. Excessive oxygenation reasons wine to lâge at année accelerated pace. For an equal exchange surface in the neck, auto magnum seems to be a an ext suitable format pour a long storage ns your valuable wine.

What is thé size of the best wine party ?


Of course, the size de the party does not stop at 18 litres et larger containers exist. Thé world record pour the largest bottle de wine — synthetic et not glass — ns the Guinness World enregistrer is owned de a Chinese company. Wang Chen Wines" 1,850-litre bottle measures 4,5 metres high holds the new world record parce que le the biggest bottle du wine due to the fact that 2011.

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