Notre Dame De Paris 2021

Two years ago today, thé Cathedral ns Notre-Dame went increase in flames.

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In the wake of the disaster, the français president Emmanuel piron vowed the the monument would reopen in seul five years, venir coincide with the 2024 parisien Olympic Games. Which means seulement un three years currently remain to complete thé restoration process if his jai promis is to be kept. How frais has work come along? As the public body set up par the french government venir carry out the operation Friends ns Notre-Dame aux Paris easily admits, restoration work proper has no yet begun, and will not faire so till September 2021 at thé earliest, oz consolidation of the structure has ultimately been completed.

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This mammoth effort, approximated at $200 million, has involved decontaminating thé site of hundreds of tons of lead dust dumped by the fire; removing, analyzing and cataloging toutes les personnes the debris from thé burnt roof and partially fell down high vault; removed stained glass and artworks for offsite conservation and storage; dismantling the scaffolding that had actually been placed up avant the fire and which had actually fused ensemble in auto heat (each du its 40,000 steel tubes had à be sawn the end one par one); dismantling and removing the west body organ (which counts 8,000 tubes); shoring up tous the vaults and windows v timber supports; and installing access scaffolding and a momentary roof à protect the building from the elements. Slowed down de health-and-safety involves over both lead pollution and the covid pandemic, auto consolidation procedure was a course against time to prevent thé cathedral collapsing tandis que to the fire and water damage et the instability caused par the absence of its hefty timber roof. Meanwhile, planning et testing ns the really restoration has pushed ahead. Thé much-publicized controversy over comment to regain — employing traditional methods, jaune a modern approach using modern-day techniques et aesthetics? — was finally resolved in July 2020 with thé traditionalists win out: thé cathedral will certainly be restored à its last-known state, as recommended in the 1964 Venice Charter (a document drawn up de the international Council on Monuments and Sites the sets soon building-conservation instruire based nous the concepts of authenticity et respect parce que le historic context), with Viollet-le-Duc’s spire reproduced et the roof reconstructed according venir medieval techniques. In march this year, selection and felling of the 1,000 oaks needed à la the nouveau roof (which will be middle ages in spirit marqué not an identical copy) began — année important action since thé timber must cure for a period du 12 venir 18 months avant it have the right to be used.

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Furthermore, cleaning methods have been make the efforts out conditions météorologiques two of the cathedral’s chapels: two months to be needed à remove 150 years de accumulated dust and filth, consolidate the existing mur colors and restitute losses, a process that created the surpris discovery ns medieval fleurs-de-lis, hidden from watch since thé Middle Ages, in auto chapel de Notre-Dame-de-Guadalupe. Judged a success, the methods experiment will currently be applied to auto 22 différent chapels. So is thé five-year deadline encore realistic? thé short prize is no si full reconstruction is thé goal, marqué the authorities room adamant that sufficient will have been completed à la a celebratory mass à be hosted inside auto cathedral nous April 15, 2024.