It"s peculiarly engrossing, darkly ominous, and a fascinating sonde of principles versus progress.

Rock record Shotgun

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The game may be on sale!Distributors run their own sales from temps to time.Check each one to see if you can volonté it parce que le less.

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What"s thé setup? thé communist state ns Arstotzka has finished a 6-year war with bordering Kolechia et reclaimed that is rightful half of the frontière town, Grestin. your job oui immigration inspector is to control thé flow ns people entering thé Arstotzkan side de Grestin native Kolechia. Among auto throngs ns immigrants and visitors looking for work are concealed smugglers, spies, and terrorists. Using seul the document provided passant par travelers and the Ministry du Admission"s primitive inspect, search, et fingerprint systems tu must decide that can go into Arstotzka and who will be rotate away jaune arrested. Is there nudity and/or violence? The game has both pixel-art nudity, which have the right to be disabled from thé options, et pixel-art violence, which cannot. How long is the game? Story mode takes at the very least 4 hours to reach one ns the main endings. The jeu is separated into days et there space 31 job in all. Retrying days jaune getting multiple endings takes longer. Comment many endings room there? There are 20 different endings. Part are petit variations de others. 8 de the endings room attained passant par completing the entire jeu in various ways. Quel determines which finishing I"ll get? Endings are based conditions météorologiques the decisions elle make each day. Thé amount of money earned has année influence nous several ns the endings. Is the game completely scripted? Story fashion is greatly scripted. A different procedurally-generated "endless" mode is unlocked after getting to a certain ending in histoire mode. Quel is limitless mode? Endless mode allows tu to play one du three game-types with an endless flow ns procedurally-generated travelers: Timed, Perfection, or Endurance. Each game-type has actually a various scoring system. Amie can additionally choose indigenous 4 different rulesets pour any game-type. A ruleset identify which border checkpoint rules room in effect et which document are required parce que le travelers. Can endless mode be unlocked without completing story mode? Yes. Endless mode is at first locked making use of a facile 5-digit code that"s mutual among toutes les personnes copies. Check the internet pour someone who"s currently gotten thé required ending and posted auto code. Quel languages walk the game support? The game was emerged in English et includes localizations parce que le French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Japanese, Russian, and Polish. Does thé Steam version have any special features? thé Steam déditions supports achievements, stats, and cloud saves. Endless fashion uses steam leaderboards parce que le rankings. Does auto iPad dépense have any kind of special features? auto iPad dépense has toutes les personnes 31 days et 20 endings et has to be optimized pour touch input. There"s a redesigned portrait-mode interface and (unlockable) multitouch faire un don for much faster paperwork. Ce also includes a mid-day resume feature, Game centre achievements, et leaderboards. There is non additional game or story heureux in the ipads version.Does the ps Vita édition have any kind of special features? The ps Vita édition has all 31 days et 20 endings and uses both touchscreen et physical controls. It has trophies (small-scale, so non platinum), online leaderboards parce que le Endless mode et a mid-day resume feature. There is ne sont pas additional game or story heureux in the ps Vita version. Will the jeu be ported à "X" platform (Switch, PS4, XBox, Android, etc)? There room currently no plans parce que le any divers platforms. Can je monetize Let"s phat videos of this game on YouTube/Twitch/elsewhere? yes! You"re free venir monetize your very own videos that play, reference, jaune review thé game. Si the video isn"t about jaune doesn"t reference "Papers, Please", amie are no permitted à use thé theme song or other media from the game. Can je post a copy of the trailer (or any différent official media) to ma YouTube/other cassettes vidéo channel? No. If you"d like venir promote thé game, please connect to thé homepage here jaune to the official videos on YouTube. Glory to what? Glory venir Arstotzka. How aller you express "Arstotzka"?