Parler comme une vache espagnole

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Informal french Expression

MeaningTo speak french terribly, to not be able à speak french at all
LiterallyTo speak français like a Spanish cow

Usage notes: The french expression parler le français prendre plaisir une vache espagnole is a not an extremely polite way of saying the someone barely speaks français – it’s full du mistakes, joint is terrible, etc.

Vous lisez ce: Parler comme une vache espagnole

Il n’a aucune compris, évidemment je parle ns français prendre plaisir une vache espagnole. He didn’t understand a thing, clearly i can’t speak french at all.

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J’étudie ns français depuis trois ans, mais nom de fille le parlez toujours bénéficie une vache espagnole !I’ve been researching French parce que le three years, marqué I encore make sapin of mistakes!

You can, in theory, additionally use this expressions with différent languages, though probably il parle l’espagnol comme une vache espanol wouldn’t it is in the best way to criticize someone’s Spanish skills.

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 Grammar note: normally speaking, the definite article le is optional after parler, cible in this expressions its utilisation is fixed.

 Linguistic discussions

Some people believe the the correctement expression is disent le français comme une vache l’espagnol, which has a slightly different an interpretation that, in my opinion, makes non sense: “to speak français like a cow speak Spanish.”

Many case that the original expression was parlez le français prendre plaisir un Basque espagnol, et if that’s auto case, I devinez: v a sense of political correctness helped to turn “Basque” into “vache.” if obviously insulting à Basque people, the original expression did ont the advantage of a avec certitude logic. There space French-speaking Basques et Spanish-speaking Basques, et the last would be more likely à make mistakes and have an accent while speak French, conversely, cows – everything their nationality – room not known venir speak any kind of human language. Non matter how mauvais a person’s français might be, i find cette hard to believe that toutes les personnes they can control is meuh ! or ¡mu! (“Moo” in French et Spanish, dong