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Before enrolling in a higher education institution, part students need à provide proof the they oui paid thé Student et Campus Life contribuera (CVEC) or oui been exonarated. Is it your case?


What is auto CVEC?

The CVEC is auto Student and Campus Life contribuera (Contribution ailé étudiante et de campus).

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 The regulation states that ce must be collected passant par the Crous.The annual amount is €92, which amie may oui to pay or you peut faire be exempt, depending nous your case.

IMPORTANT | auto following students à faire not oui to pay jaune even aller anything about auto CVEC : students enrolled in Brevet aux Technicien superviseur (BTS - advanced Technical Certificate), diplômes des métiers d"Art (DMA - de lart Diploma), accountancy courses, proceeding education (including professional qualification contracts) et students on internationale exchanges* in la france (via Erasmus+ type programmes).

* On année international exchange: tu are spending time in la france during auto university year oui part of année agreement between your higher education institution et a higher education organisation in France.

If elle are one ns these students, elle DON"T need TO aller ANYTHING.If amie are not one du these students, then read the following éléments ↓

What is the contribuant actually for?

The contribution is designed to create, consolidate and reinforce different services in your institution and the Crous in your local education authority.

For your wellness | better access to treatment on campus and renewal of the prevention policy.> continuez to construct university health and wellness centres> roll out auto student health and wellness representative spectacle (ERS)> Reinforce activities de university health prestations de service in the area du sexual health and wellness (contraception, STI screening, etc.).Promote société support> Reinforce the social assistant groups at universities and the CrousSupport your initiatives> Finance much more student projects and associations.Develop sport conditions météorologiques campus> Year-round access to a broader range of sports events and activities.Promote art and culture in higher education institutions> Year-round access venir concerts, exhibitions, recadrer events et artistic workshops.Improve college student support> Develop appui on campus: introduction to auto university environment, campus life, the extra-university environment (heritage, local culture, sports, etc.).

This contribution is "designed venir promote social, health, cultural et sports support et assistance parce que le students et to reinforce wellness prevention and education actions aimed at students" (Article L. 841-5 de the french Education Code).

A compulsory contribution

There are deux different procedures with regarder fixement to this contribution.

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You pay auto CVEC ont you have to pay it. Thé amount is €92.You space exempt from auto CVEC. In this case, tu don"t salary anything (see below "Which students room exempt?")

In both cases, amie can achieve a receipt à la payment of the CVEC.

You must administer this receipt à your higher education institution.Note that the institution cannot complete your enrolment there is no this receipt.

If amie are enrolling nous several courses in one year, the contribuer à is only doit revenir for the life enrolment.

Where à faire I pay this contribution?

On | antérieur à you enrol in higher education

Which students space exempt?

The four types ns students exempt from payment this contribuant are

Refugee studentsStudents benefiting from subsidiary protectionStudents registered as asylum seekers who have the right venir remain in auto country

Grant-funded college student who ont received their conditional give allowance are automatically identified on, and can download the CVEC payment receipt online without paying any fees.

In addition, si you come to be eligible parce que le exemption from thé contribution during auto university year, amie can obtain a refund du the contribuer à you have already paid. To do this for the suivant university year, elle need à apply starting September 1th.

The exact same applies à students who have paid the CVEC avant receiving your Baccalaureate results, who aller not then pass the Baccalaureate.

Specific information about "grant-funded students"

Which grants aller we mean?

Social criteria grants managed de the Crous (Higher Education, Culture, Agriculture, etc.)Grants paid de the areas (for students nous paramedical, health and social treatment courses)Grants native the french government (BGF)

However, it does not cover:

Grants indigenous a étranger government (BGE)Grants paid by a private daccueil (for example a foundation)

Specific information about interns

Interns on année apprenticeship contract (coming under initial education) have to pay auto CVECInterns conditions météorologiques a professional qualification contract (coming under continuing education) do not ont to pay auto CVEC

Specific cases

If elle are enrolled in a super Préparatoire aux Grandes Ecoles (CPGE - class preparing for admission to the super Ecoles)You must register for the procedure when elle enrol in university. Elle will pay jaune be exempt, depending nous your situation.If amie are enrolled in a French école intermédiaire (secondary school) on a arttaserse such ont Brevet aux Technicien excellent (BTS - progressed Technical Certificate), , diplômes des transaction d"Art (DMA - de lart Diploma), or année accounting courseYou faire not oui to pay the contribution, oui you are not enrolled in a higher education institution. You don"t need to do anything.If elle are enrolled on a proceeding education course*You à faire not have to salary this contribution. Amie don"t require to aller anything.

* continuing education: this method that your training is regulated by année employer or by a collecting agency.Note likewise that professional qualifications contracts come under proceeding education.

If tu are a student on année international exchange in FranceYou aller not ont to pay this contribution. Amie don"t require to à faire anything.

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* On année international exchange: you are spending temps in france during thé university year ont part of année agreement between your greater education institution and a higher education institution in France.