Although i had expectation ( indigenous watching thé trailers ) that this can be a good movie, je was encore surprised the it"s ont good oui it is. The story is in reality more facility than je had expected, involving cursed pirates et their recherche to escape themselves ns the curse.

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But Captain femme Sparrow is one de the lords, et as long oui he"s stuck in Davy Jones". Pirates du the Caribbean: At people End Photos. On Disc/Streaming. Discover concepts about jouer en ligne Vf. Pirates of the Caribbean: the Curse de the couleur noire Pearl Movie Poster. Streaming VfStreaming MoviesWilliam TurnerOrlando.

I won"t say an ext than that so as not à spoil it if you haven"t checked out it.There aren"t as many travail scenes oui I had actually thought there would be in a pirate movie, cible the persons that are in thé movie were really fun and enjoyable. After seeing it, i think ce had auto right balance of terrain and drama. There space also, of course, a parcelle of funny bits interspersed in between the mouvement and drama.

Some really an excellent special effects also ajouter to auto enjoyment of this movie.I wasn"t much de a ventilateur of Johnny Depp until i saw this movie. I think hey deserved venir win the académie Award for meilleur actor. It"s greatly because ns his performance, IMO, that auto movie was soja good.

Most du the soutien cast go well, entente you, seulement that Johnny Depp was standing high above auto rest. I did find Orlando Bloom"s performance a bit wooden, but other 보다 that thé acting was good.Basically, it"s a really drôle movie et I"d give cette about 8 out of 10.

I un m nearly fifty years old. A sober get an impression man. V children. Youngsters with who I ont now sat with hundreds ns movies. Many of which I have enjoyed. Et I am not totally hardened in mien sophistication. Auto opening musique to thé Lion roi brought tears to ma eyes as soon as my little ones were cible wee tots.

But still, these are after tous just children"s movies. In autre life, i would never ont seen them. And, really, one can"t take together movies also seriously, can one?And so, this summer, after the ritual badgering, je dutifully trudged right into yet un autre Disney "adventure" movie. Called after that worn down old journey in Anaheim I tons went conditions météorologiques in 1965. I mean really, comment much can you expect?And then, ce happened. Auto swirling intoxication. The stunned feeling.

Was this a movie? jaune a spiritual experience? Perhaps much more like an addictive experience.I can not remember ever willingly paying to see any kind of movie no starring a relatif of mien more 보다 twice, and I have the right to count those movies nous one hand. I ont now checked out "Pirates" 4 times. The seulement un thing keeping me from seeing it again is thé sense the this totality thing is seul getting out ns hand. Je cannot comprendre enough de it.

It"s like walking right into a peinture, etc that tu never want à come earlier out of. Ma children ask, through a remarque of issue in your voices, "Dad, you really like Pirates de the Caribbean a lot, don"t you?"

And that Depp fellow. Ns never had any kind of idea who cette was, but his name sounded like something created à la a pubescent cover-boy à la magazines published venir hook thirteen year-old girls nous make-up et bad music. Wasn"t Depp the name du some hair-goo product back in thé 60s?I être a straight male. I have several great friends who space gay, but have never fantasized around any gender but the female.

But now ns understand how women deserve to experience swooning crushes nous male cinématicien stars. Hey is merely extraordinary.

So sly, so seductive, sauce soja canny! ns read année interview in i m sorry Depp said he went with a slight depression when hey had to arrêter playing Captain jack Sparrow. Ns can check out why. His inventiveness et sheer satisfied in inhabiting thé character come through in every frame. Comment can i admit to my children that je now troll through ventilateur websites around a former teen heart-throb?I frequently don"t also watch the académie Awards, and I definitely never oui any emotional invest in that wins.Except for this year.Go Jack.And, in a temps when numerous big-budget movie are signification littérale more than a hodge-podge du loosely- connecté "money shots" this movie puts toutes les personnes the piece together, through a sense de fun et light-heartedness in special impacts that are just dazzling. I find myself laughing v dizzy appreciation once Barbossa barks out, "You"d meilleur be believing in ghost stories, laisser aller Turner, you"re in one!" et the grinning skeletons come right into view, through Badelt"s pounding score keeping time to thé beat de their maniacal deck-swabbing.


And climate there"s the scene of the pirate-ghouls slithering up from auto darkened sea on the mooring cables de the Dauntless, favor infernal cats stalking their prey.And currently to the music. Je can just hear the effete aesthetes dismissing this score, oui Mr. Zimmerman anticipates through his winking "overproduced by" credit on the cover-liner. "Absurdly Stupendous." Well, perhaps it is, à la those who spend their lives examining such things. à me, ce is absolutely transporting. I first listened to ce while act a work-out nous a rowing machine and found that i tripled mien usual distance.

It was prefer mainlining part hazardous tachycardic amphetamine.Once again, thé children were wondering, "What"s up with Daddy? probably I am just losing my grip, having actually an adolescent movie volonté to me this way.

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But once those critique credits roll, and Captain jack narrows his eyes and says, "Now, bring me that horizon. Drink up moi hearties, yo ho" and the music swells. Cette is difficult venir put into words auto effect it has.At this mission my children ont to yank je forcibly from the theater, lest i persist in watching auto credits to the bitter end, et bid good-bye venir the signification littérale monkey once more, wiping tears of exultation from mien eyes.This is not just another "entry" in the lété blockbust sweepstakes. It is année exquisite work of fantasy and inventiveness, a true classic, conditions météorologiques the order ns "The Wizard de Oz." I à faire hope Depp"s performance garners not seul awards, cible a place in auto pantheon, something nous old fogies - et our gently fogeying youngsters decades for this reason - will montrer to our children et grandchildren favor a revealed treasure. Je cannot recall any kind of movie having such an effect nous me.

Disney seemed à be walking down thé tubes lately, v Atlantis et Home nous the Range, cible this movie is a masterpiece. If it wasn"t à la this movie, Johnny Depp wouldn"t be as famous oui he is today. Every scene through him or Geoffery se presser is brilliant. Thé movie is really crisp and the shots du the islands space breathtaking. Definitely a movie worth picking increase at Blockbuster jaune even better, purchase ( i don"t buy DVDs often but this was one du them). Auto characters space thought out an extremely well and plot is excellent.

The le script is one of the henchmen stars of the film itself, every line the seems to come out of Sparrow or Barbossa"s mouth jaune any de the divers cast is original. Si you like terrain films you"ll amour this, if you like comedy you"ll amour this, actually, this movie is great à la everyone (except small kids, who may comprendre frightened par the skeleton scenes). A damn good movie.

One de the le meilleur of 2003 in my view.This movie fabriqué me laugh, and it yes, really pulled me in.At sapin I was afraid this would be autre bad Pirate movie. I went venir see cette anyway, ont I"ve constantly loved the legends of pirates, and I amour adventure. Je saw ce once.

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Then Quadrupul. Then 6 times. And one an ext 7. Et now i eagerly wait à la the DVD in Australia.What i"m saying is i couldn"t get enough de this movie.

It was so well done.Johnny Depp was hilarious a jack Sparrow, et acted choose a true Pirate. His obsessive drink antics, and his walk really lugged out this chaqracter.

Plus he made character nous could all love et enjoy, that deserves année Oscar in mien view.Geoffrey rush played Barbosa the bad guy. Who turned out to be fairly a good mauvais guy in mien view. Cette showed genuine potential, and I loved auto way how cette manipulated people.Keira Knightley plays Elizabeth, the governor"s daughter. Prisoner de the Pirates.

She is rather momorable in this role, et is a great jump à la her evergrowing popularity.Orlando Bloom plays will Turner. A facile blacksmith, who is likewise a well trained swordsman.

Who is in nom est pursuit of saving elizabeth from the Pirates.The an ext memorable thing about this though is auto curse. A well believed out curse. That can always lead à sequel jaune a prequel. You"ll watch what ns mean when tu watch it.The story is based conditions météorologiques these Pirates who happen à be cursed, et they want à rid the curse. To aller that they need the blood of a pirate, not seul any pirate cible the son of facture Turner- william Turner. Failure for facture Turner"s child the pirates capturer Elizabeth, et take her hostage, while williams teams up with a Rogue pirate, jack Sparrow, that is nous a streak pour revenge versus Barbosa.

While all at the same temps are gift chased passant par the frère fleet.A good adventure. Fine played swordfighting.

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Great laughs. Et great story. Pirates are ago in mien good book.

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