Plant De Piment D Espelette

The hilly Basque country is probably loger to auto oldest variety du chilies in Europe. Legend has ce that thé Basque navigator Gonzalo du Percartegu lugged chili seeds from the new World to his homeland. Thus, this joli of chili has actually been get an impressive in thé Basque Country parce que le 500 years. Historically, bien sur are 400 years. With auto time, auto chili was of course further bred by selection.

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Chili Gorria you probably know under auto name Piment d’Espelette. Cette is one de the meilleur chili spices. Under the un tube of thé mild climate ns the Bay du Biscay, chili plants grow on faire face à la douleur fields. Handpicked harvest et careful processing tickles out thé pleasant taste.

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Only chili powder grown in one du the ten villages around the french town of Espelette is allowed to bear auto name. Similar to champagne, which is seul genuine si it comes from Champagne. Since the year 2000 auto name Piment d’Espelette has been protected et may seul be used à la chili commodities from a petit area at thé foothills de the Pyrenees.

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Gorria is the Basque word pour red. When tu see ripe pods of this plant parce que le the sapin time, you will à savoir the reason why. A bright rouge to fall in love with at life sight.

Chili Gorria peppers

Chilli variety Gorria (Capsicum annuum)