Paris auditeur transport, (the Metro, buses and RER trains) is extremely integrated et this includes auto ticketing system.

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If elle want to travel outside the central of parisien covered by the métro you should be conscious that paris uses a zonal system with six circular zone radiating out from auto centre.

For perhaps auto majority ns visitors to parisien using the metro system castle will often not desire to aller anywhere outside the quartier général zone or Zone 1. Zone 1 is where nearly all hotels are et where all the city centre sights space located.

You need to assess i beg your pardon zones tu will use antérieur à buying your corresponding tickets. This, of course, additionally depends on how long you are likely venir stay.

Fare zones seul journey ticket Day tickets1-5 day paris Visite cards Weekly & monthly Navigo passes

Paris fare zones

Travel zones

If you are looking à see where auto various travel zone are, the métro & river map nous the left shows where the various zones start et finish.

Destinations that visitors will often aller to external the centre zone include:

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Single tickets (t+ ticket) et carnets or books of ten tickets

The RATP run auto Metro, RER, buses et trams within Paris and a seul ticket can be used on any du the four modes for a simple journey.

Note: "single journey" includes connections between auto same types de vehicle (i.e. Si you to be using the tram tu would remain nous the tram system), oui long ont you do not "exit" auto transport system. Elle are allowed up venir two hours parce que le metro and RER after validation et 90 minutes for buses et trams.

Tickets purchase individually or in packages of 10 are permanently valid for single use et are approve without an expiration date.

Single tickets can be purchased from metro/RER stations, some bus terminals, and registered retailers, typically tobacconists et bookshops, displaying thé RATP sign.

You can likewise buy from thé same sauce a booklet ns ten, called a carnet (pronounced kar-nay), offering great savings.


1 Ticket for Metro, autobus or rer within Paris€1.90
Carnet of 10 tickets (as above) parce que le adult€14.90
Carnet of 10 ticket (as above) parce que le child (4-10 years)€7.45

For use nous one journey ns the Paris métro or Buses or on zone 1 sortie trains in Paris.Prices last confirm February 2020.

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Day billet - atlas Mobilis

Most travellers seem to be unaware du this option. A seul calendar day card that provides countless rides nous the transporte system ns the Ile-de-France region for a stated alors of calendar days.

This covers the Metro, river (express local trains), bus, tramway, funiculaire de Montmartre, Montmartrobus, Noctambus (night bus) within a offered fare zone.

Most travellers will seul need zone 1&2, broadly coinciding with auto extent du the métro system. Si in doubt about zonage coverage the zones room marked on the river map (above).

Single tickets deserve to be purchased from metro/RER stations, some bus terminals, et registered retailers, generally tobacconists and bookshops, displaying thé RATP sign.

Important to note - before use, tu must enter your name, surname et date of use nous to thé ticket.

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Fare zonePrice
Zone 1-2 or 2-3 or 2-4 or 4-5€7.50
Zone 1-3 or 2-4 or 3-5€10.00
Zone 1-4 or 2-5€12.40
Zone 1-5€17.80

Available at tous metro, bus and RER stations.Prices last checked February 2020.

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Paris visite card

This is the ticket heavily promoted venir tourists and visitors. De nombreux of personnes like auto convenience ns these tickets.

As well oui being a travel pass the billet also provides discounts à tourist charme though no the henn headliners like the Eiffel Tower and Louvre Museum. Generally a 25% discount nous entrance to the révérence de Triomphe et 25% off entrance to auto Grévin Museum, which peut être not it is in a high priority à la you.

Paris visitant counts calendar work from job of life use, just like other Paris tickets, no 24-hour periods. Si you venir at night and use auto pass, that will certainly be counted ont one day.

Paris visite is widely obtainable from outside parisien through revendeur agréé and online cible you will normally pay a premium parce que le this convenience over purchasing in Paris.

PARIS visite CARD prices (WHEN purchased IN PARIS)

TypePrice pour Zone 1-3Adult / Child*Price pour Zone 1-5Adult / Child*
1 day€12.00 / €6.00€25.25 / €12.60
2 days€19.50 / €9.75€38.35 / €19.15
3 days€26.65 / €13.30€53.75 / €26.85
5 days€38.35 / €19.15€65.80 / €32.90

* children 4-11 year old.Prices last confirm February 2020.

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Navigo Decouverte monthly et weekly take trip passes

The Navigo map represents good vallue à la money - if you space spending at least a full week in Paris. It is a card that enables you venir travel in tous zones for just €22.80 , reconnaissance the cost du the card itself (€5). In many cases for auto average traveller, thé carnets (above) will encore work the end cheaper. If you ajouter on auto cost de the des photos needed for the pass, you"re spring at virtually €30 et that will certainly buy amie two livres of 20 carnets - twenty trips.

The key mettre en ordre about this product is that thé week operation Monday venir Sunday, with auto last work for dollar of auto week you are in being nous the Thursday. So si you arrive on the Friday wanting to use one parce que le that weekend - tu cannot.

The Navigo is année electronic smart card similar à schemes presented recently global into fixed transit systems, allowing you unlimited use ns the auditeur transport networks in the zones you oui selected. Thé smart card stores electronically the fare product amie choose. Many visitors will certainly go pour the weekly fare.

It"s recycle so if you revenir to parisien you can load increase fares onto the same card. The tons time tu buy, you have to salary a €5 à la the map itself and then tu buy a week or month"s worth du transportation that is loaded onto the card.

There are deux versions of the card: "all zones" et "two zones". Auto “2-zone” pass, ont it sounds, gives tu (unlimited) take trip in just two selected zone - de your choice. à travel outside de your deux zones, you peut faire purchase a “top-up ticket” et only pay à la the extra supprimer travelled. Over there is additionally “zone-free” travel during avec certitude periods, on 2-zone monthly take trip passes. Thé “all zones” travel pass allows tu unlimited travel in tous zones, every day du the week.

For tous travel passes (regardless du the duration), thé validity period starts at 12am on the life day ns the period et ends at 11.59pm on the last day.

You also need to bring follow me a passport size portrait d’image measuring 25 cf 30mm (0.98" voir 1.18"). There space plenty of d’image machines in the gare that produce such a d’image if elle need it.

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A convenient carré to purchase these cards for many travellers is the rer train ticket des bureaux at Charles ns Gaulle airport (CDG) or the surtout train stations in parisien like Gare du Nord.