Rock n roll making of maquillage

march 07, 2017 - 19:25 GMT Sharnaz Shahid marian Cotillard has teamed up with partner guillaume Canet in upcoming movie, Rock"N Roll

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Marion Cotillard has actually ditched elle wholesome d’image for something much more edgy in elle next movie, Rock"N Roll. Taking to sa Instagram page nous Monday, the 41-year-old - who is pregnant with sa second boy - decided to tease fans by sharing a couple of sultry self from auto film"s set. Through her foncé brunette tresses left loose in tousled waves, the étoiles can be watched pouting towards the caméra in the société media images. à la the movie, thé mother-of-one has actually teamed increase with elle partner Guillaume Canet, who is directing et co-starring alongside her.


Marion Cotillard is unrecognisable in elle new movie role

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The des photos show marion with a collègue of new lips - i beg your pardon many ventilateurs commented on ont soon oui the des photos emerged. Marqué while ventilateurs chatted about quel cosmetic procedures the étoiles may or may not have had, news emerged that thé actress" lips were in reality prostetic movie makeup!

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Rock"N Roll sees Marion and Guillaume play année exaggerated déditions of themselves v the actrice trying à prove to her real-life partner that he"s still good enough à sell movies. Auto comedy has currently premiered in France et is set à come out later on this year. Marion has remained in a connection with français actor et director since 2007. The couple are parent to a five-year-old son Marcel. Last year, thé Hollywood beauty opened up up about auto mischief she gets up à when working with Guillaume. They have previously working together in auto 2003 movie amour Me si You Dare et in auto 2009 cinématicien The critical Flight.

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Marion"s lips set ventilateurs chatting!

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Marion et her husband guilillume Canet

Appearing conditions météorologiques The Graham Norton Show, marion revealed: "The film was called Love Me if You Dare et we began doing stupid things. One day ns gave the a Polaroid camera." she added that sa cheeky challenge was for her husband à take a picture du someone"s backside. "I should have said i wanted a woman"s bottom because one of the crew was happy to pull down his pants straight away!" In return, elle long-term companion dared her to take an even racier picture of a member ns the the opposite sex. "If ns didn’t i had à walk across the whole set naked!" she laughed. Asked si she got the shot, elle replied: "Of course!"