Stumbling upon auto church de Jeanne d"Arc

When I sapin found myself in auto most quartier général spot ns Rouen, the Old-Market square (La Place ns Vieux Marché), i was endroit with thé sight du a really peculiar building, a church of some sort. It was bizzare and, fairly peculiar, cible not totally out du place, despite cette being surrounded by all those colourful it s as beautiful as picture gothic houses ns the Old town. Ns had seen thé building as soon as I sapin started searching parce que le general informations on mien destination, des photos of cette flashing de right in front of mien eyes, marqué I never ever really got to properly examine what cette was exactly, sauce soja the moi of that temps was abundandly clueless.

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Perplexed, i asked a arbitrarily passerby je vous demande pardon that enormous construction was. Surprised par my question, cette frowned et said "Miss, this is auto church ns Jeanne d"Arc! " et he left in a hurry. At first, all that crossed my mental was that ce was seul a church committed to the infamous female french warrior, who was most loved jaune even worshipped accross the country and especially the region de Northern France, where elle took action.

But then je saw it. A tall pole v a cross nous its high end, stand right suivant to auto bizarre church and looming over thé square. Ns then knew, this was neither année ordinary church nor année ordinary square. This to be the exactement place where Jeanne"s life was consumed par flames, ideal where that pole was.


The cross indicates where thé pole is



Various views ns the church


The church native within, auto peculiarity continuellement in auto interior

I was overcome passant par a feeling du dread, et images ns a possible witch-hunt scenario started to flood my mind. Cette was eerie, unsettling et yet, suddenly, these feelings fabriqué the ville seem all the more... Significativement to me. A carré grown par war et death, and yet i beg your pardon managed to stay haricot de soja beautiful and warm throughout thé years. Cette was toutes les personnes new venir me, so ma interest in rouen grew also bigger, and this time à la a factor which had to aller with more than quel is conditions météorologiques the surface; the histoire behind auto picture book.

Later, throughout my Erasmus i would come venir learn année enormity of historical facts about it, once being one du the greatest et most prominent cities du the North, about its joining with différent great figures such oui William the Conqueror jaune Rollo thé Viking et so lot more! However, je believe some light must be first and foremost shed conditions météorologiques the caisse of Jeanne, ont she is, perhaps, one du the best models of women empowerment and her story, also though periodically obscure, deserve to be understood in numerous ways.

Jeanne"s story, echoing in the streets ns Rouen

Wandering around Rouen, ns started noticing Jeanne"s existence everywhere. Sa supposed face, painted on the walls du some alleys, miscellaneous objects fashioned after sa many, knight-like illustrations popping in various cou shop showcases, et of course, across thé churches and museums ns Rouen. Amie see, à la France, Jeanne is much more than seul a historic revolutionnary figure, she is a Saint. Et that alone, explains why in a carré like Rouen, where elle took her critique breath, her shadow toujours roams auto streets et inhabits auto hearts ns people. She is loved, even though earlier then, elle wasn"t.

That being said, Jeanne"s life et her choices have been disputed over et over again by, not seulement un historians and experts, marqué also day-to-day people. Why walk she acte the way elle did et what dirige to the outcome we all know? Me, having watched part movies or read marche of elle story, je hadn"t really created a proper opinion, but was however in awe of her strong resolve. After all, elle was seulement a kid when elle decided to take auto path she did, which means a an excellent amount of bravery, valor si you wish, et yet, her character stayed a mystery to me. However, a visit to Rouen"s Historial Jeanne d"Arc aided in my understanding ns the entire case and I will properly define why.

Historial Jeanne d"Arc: reviving thé legend by contemporary means

As an erasmus student ns certainly wanted to faire more than partying and studying, et had année immense craving à explore oui much as I could, so mien newfound information on Jeanne seul served to ma start ns a historical route through some of the main points that explained elle story. In case you room not familiar with (or si you want to refresh your understanding of) Jeanne"s life, the clever exhibition in thé Historial will certainly be more than enough du a great beginning.

What tu will check out in said musée is a take nous the lundi trial ns Jeanne d"Arc i m sorry took carré a few decades after sa death at the Old-Market square, where toutes les personnes the evidence was re-examined so that a final decision on her sentence"s fairness can be reached. In différent words, Jeanne"s burn at auto stake was heavily questionned, et so, year after, the people responsible parce que le her fatality (a type of jury) were called upon venir testify once more, cible this temps in a whole various context, ont the political case of france had changed significantly, et so a great number of toutes les personnes previously condemned, were afterwards found innocent. Jeanne, de course, would certainly be one de the many intriguing cases, et as such, people from oui far ont her childhood and her hometown were also invited to take marche in auto process.


One of the rooms du the Historial

The trial is represented de a theatrical acte which is projected across the walls of the rooms, start at auto cathedral"s crypt and all the means up to thé upper levels, where tu will it is in able to importer a breathtaking view ns the area. In divers words, tu see the characters comment on Jeanne"s life step par step, at temps commenting so oui to maintain the beliefs and the general "feeling" of the era. In this way, not seulement un is ce possible to find out about sa background and short-lived expeditions, marqué also venir perhaps understand (to a bien sur degree) thé psychology behind toutes les personnes this.

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My narration of Jeanne"s tons (skip if you already know ce or want venir find out more nous your own! )

As ns personally believe that ce is lot better and of arttasters more engaging venir experience this yourself, ns will try to narrate auto short édition of auto story, auto way ns interpreted it after visiting auto Historial, haricot de soja here walk nothing!

Jeanne thrived up in auto countryside, in one de the petit areas that were still not conquered by the English, et was a very quiet girl who sa neighbours observed pray à God regularly and not cause première any trouble, always contributing in auto chores of elle household. Around the time she was thirteen years old, thé maiden asserted to ont started hearing voices, supposedly du divine origin.

Later, when elle became seventeen, Jeanne set éteindre to watch Henry V, presenting herself as a prophet who would revenir the throne à him, auto rightful heir. Despite doubtful, the homme quickly come to oui faith in Jeanne, as she seemed venir be aware de things that no one marqué him need to be may be to sait (and because du some divers reasons which will be defined in the visit). Thus, cette bestowed elle a small army pour her expedition which was about venir begin. Jeanne cut off her hair, wore men"s armor and left on sa horse venir reclaim the ville of Orleans.

Very au sens propre time passed and she succeded, ont her military was encouraged of elle divinity, and so their courage (and your enemies" fear) was exaggerated. In différent words, Jeanne to be a catalyst à their morale, nevertheless of sa disposition, i m sorry is quel makes her story soja interesting! The précis strategy followed ont well as the series de events of the battle ns Orleans are analysed in the musée through a in-depth projection, haricot de soja I matin certain tu will know everything better in there!

As promised, Henry V"s coronation became a reality, and Jeanne tried venir later take nous the better task of liberating Paris, which due to many reasons, she failed to accomplish. The personnes began venir lose heart and doubted sa benevolence et purity. After a series de events i beg your pardon will more than likely take a while to explain, the female warrior was pulled off sa horse, captured and led venir the ville of Rouen, where elle was imprisoned et questioned.

When she refused venir compromise sa ideals regarding her faith and motive, Jeanne to be ridiculed publicly in un autre extremely far-ranging landmark du Rouen, the Abbey du Saint-Ouen, where elle was driven to agree conditions météorologiques wearing mrs clothing and abandonning her old ways. Elle was then commander back to elle cell, cible after a couple of days elle decided venir revert back, wearing sa armor oz more.

Seeing her dissobeyance to the commands ns the church, a jury was formed à make a decision regarding the young girl"s fate. Let je remind amie that Jeanne to be a maiden de nineteen years, a very jeune woman that had, despite elle age, controlled to à faire so much, in a span ns only two years. Dismissing tous that, she was condemned venir be burned at the stake, ont a witch, in front ns the people ns Rouen.

In auto virtual projection du the lundi trial, cette becomes known to the viewers the Jeanne was found innocent, oui her belief in elle own God, quite than auto church, to be not taken into consideration something that can lead venir a death penalty, not to mention the jury seemed to oui taken into consideration minor factors such ont the male clothing.

The exhibition getting to up à modern days

Later on, Jeanne d"Arc would become the symbol de France, periodically considered thé protector of young girls et a personnage of morality and freedom. Oui one deserve to see in the continuation of thé Historial, after ascending to auto top level et seeing miscellaneous places of interest regarding her story (Saint-Ouen, thé dungeon where elle was preserved etc), the définitif part advert to auto take of cette into thé arts, such oui cinematography jaune theatre, and of course, comprises an analysis of her behavioural patterns et standing passant par various historians et anthropologists, passant par a virtual innovative platform.


Various costumes of the numerous "Jeannes" du the cinema

It was rather enlightening, et I finished up spending a lot of time reading up et listening venir facts around her. Oui a female, je came to realise the regardless of sa motive, Jeanne took travail in a "men"s world", i beg your pardon at that temps was unthinkable, so i couldn"t aid but admirer her determination.

The aperçu XXL of Rouen

An interesting place to visit after the Historial would certainly be auto Panorama XXL, a large blue cylinder de a building, i beg your pardon is situated at auto west side du Rouen and is easily reachable passant par bus. Tu can"t laisser aller it, as it mister out du the metropolitan landscape thanks à its intenté geometrical shape et vivid colour. Now, the blue cylinder is actually une enormous room, where a panoramic representation du the Old luang is projected. This aperçu was written by an architect et artist par the name of Asisi et his team. In auto centre, over there is a three-level communication which amie can ascend to, each temps viewing a different perspective du the Panorama.

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A reference venir Jeanne is made antérieur à one enters the henchmen room. Thé viewer is also provided with année explanatory video ns the complex panorama configuration throughout tous the stages of its production by Asisi, which ns found yes, really interesting! quel is yes, really breathtaking, though, is the fact that, in thé panorama, auto lighting et sound effects seul the échanger of days jaune eras, et some points du the immense drawing depict fires jaune destructed areas. If you aller to the top level, ce is faisabilité to watch clearly the Old-Market square, et someone being shed alive while est différent people watch. Now, that would that probably be? That"s right, it"s none divers than Jeanne, and this ethereal jab at auto history of Rouen ont a whole, also though discreet, seemed to be fairly clever, et will give you chills.

Jeanne"s Tower

Unfortunately, one can seul see auto ruins left du Rouen"s dungeon, the old castle du the king of England, which was demolished at part point. However one de the towers du the castle survived auto demolition and is open pour visits. That tower was called after Jeanne d"arc, marqué the reality is that she was kept in autre tower du the building, yet, à la the sake of sa memory, this "memento" to be made. You should be able to see auto tower from thé top de the Historial, while si you want venir visit yourself, elle will ont to find cette in the area between auto Train station and the musée of fine art (it is so small that I do not recall it being conditions météorologiques the historical monument map soja you can need to do some searching, great luck! )

Jeanne being a part de the Rouennaise culture

As ns mentionned before, you can discover traces du the heroine in every nook et cranny de Rouen, sauce soja all you oui to à faire is.. Look! Or meilleur yet, listen venir what the personnes say. Pour me, the Northeners, in spite of being a bit keyed-up, were a advantageous source of information, due to the fact that they live auto history through their own being, present and very much aware, at the carré where every little thing occured. From one generation to thé next, si you deserve to truly listen, you will uncover yourself experiencing the legend from within thé eyes de a local, i m sorry is.. Precious, something worth treasuring. It"s at that mettre en ordre when amie will be able à say that amie felt the cultistes surging through you, soja don"t hesitate et ask around!


A sculpture of auto heroine

My advice to you, is venir always try your meilleur to endure a city through its history and past, not just the present. Seeing as how Jeanne is one of the best and, probably, many famous la honte involved v Rouen, cette would be a pity to not follow sa lingering presence across auto city"s beautiful alleys et landmarks, and let sa story sink in (regardless du what you personally think de her). Pour me, knowing an ext about her and revisiting sa mythical le père de trí in together a place, left me with a sense ns awe et even much more curiosity than before! So, in my book, thé historical walk was done right!

However Jeanne is not thé only figure one should se concentrer on as soon as in Rouen, concède there"s a an excellent amount of reliques that room absolutely worth visite outside ns the ones je mentioned, but toutes les personnes that is for un autre time! Hope ma take nous this côté of the ville will be of help et that cette will ignite part interest in tous of you!