Site De Prostitution Sur Internet France

The sites loi as intermediaries in between sugar babies — usually young, woman students looking à la extra income — v sugar daddies, older homme looking parce que le "company."

It is 12:30pm, and a 23-year old french woman who asked à be referred to as Agathe is getting prêt to leave sa rather messy, 200 square-foot apartment. Elle shaved elle legs in the bath earlier, et is currently drying elle straight brun hair. Agathe is not getting ready to meet her boyfriend. At 1pm, elle has a lunch cétait une date with a potential sugar dad in his forties.

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Agatha, who requested news not use her real name in order à protect her identity, moved to paris from auto south of france a année ago to study à become a paramedic. Her school expenses 9,000 euro ($10,145) a year. So when her banque loan ran out back in October, Agathe signed up à SeekingArrangement, a dating terre founded by MIT graduate and billionaire businessman Brandon Wade.


Described as a platform where "Beautiful, successful personnes fuel mutually valuable relationships," the site launched in france two years ago, et soon boasted 40,000 new french female recruits. The terre acts as an intermediary between sugar babies — generally young, female students who need extra earnings — v sugar daddies, older men looking à la company.

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But when the prêt may seem simple enough, critics say that emplacements like SeekingArrangement space encouraging a new form du prostitution, wherein sex is neither compulsory no one tariffed, cible implicitly rewarded. According venir France's newly approved anti-prostitution law, linternet providers are required to monitor content et flag "fraudulent" sites internet to auto authorities. However, emplacements like SeekingArrangement ont always refuse encouraging or facilitating prostitution, and have so frais stayed nous the appropriate side ns the law.

French vert Party Deputy Sergio Coronado, one de the people who assisted draft the new legislation, said that the partie relating to linternet prostitution "wouldn't change anything." you can't lift the anonymity nous private conversations," cette said, adding that hey wasn't sure how to effectively lutte such sites.

Critics have also argued that the new law — which go after johns, not sex workers — will encourage clients to use sites like SeekingArrangement jaune, venir stay off the streets et away indigenous cops.


SeekingArrangement has actually 2.7 million individuals worldwide. Parce que le some du its users, sleeping with a sugar daddy à help money their studies is as normal as getting a match on Tinder. But SeekingArrangement denies gift a prostitution, et a disclaimer on its website seeks à remind customers that, "An prêt is not année escort" The entreprise also stipulates that cette "in ne sont pas way, shape or form médias escorts jaune prostitutes making use of our website pour personal gain."

"Sleeping v someone pour money has been a fantaisie of exploiter since high school," said Agathe, lighting increase a heureux Strike. "I figured i needed about 800 euro ($900) a month. Je make approximately 500 euros ($560) seeing seven to eight males a month, but I'd like à find a permanent sugar daddy, so i can keep seul one."

Agathe explained that she doesn't oui expensive taste, marqué that elle does amour shopping. Shoes space piled up in a corner ns the room, and the table has long disappeared under sa impressive cosmetics collection.

There is a beaucoup at stake in this having lunch date, which is much more like a business lunch. "We mettre once pour a drink, but the homme wants nous to get to know each other, since he's looking for a genuine relationship," raffinement Agathe. "He says cette wants a girl who's in love, and he wants venir pay parce que le her rent and studies. Ns hope cette likes me." The homme in des questions is 20 years sa senior.

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Agathe slips right into some blue-grey lingerie. Elle decides ce looks wrong — the straps are montrer clairement under sa sleeveless dress. "It doesn't watch good, et I can't find mien grey stockings," she says, rummaging through her drawers. Elle trades it parce que le a lacy black partagé she saus will match elle stockings. She lays out her beauty products conditions météorologiques the sofa bed and applies her makeup. Due to the fact that she's to run late, elle decides to appel a car.

Before slamming the door shut, elle chews conditions météorologiques a clove — "better 보다 chewing-gum" — slips nous a pair ns royal blue pumps, and throws part wet wipes into a purse. Downstairs, auto Uber is waiting.


Agathe hasn't informed elle parents about the nouveau gig, but she has actually told some of elle friends.

"Whenever I'm meeting someone, there's constantly somebody who knows where je am," she explains. Agathe tells us that she's always had a penchant à la one-night supporter with strangers. "I go from being a slut à a whore," she jokes.

"Yes, cette is prostitution — marqué luxury prostitution," elle explains. Thé difference between her and a streetwalker? "I can pick guys according à their profile. Ns only pick those who short article a picture ns themselves," elle says. "Once, a homme tried venir piss in my mouth à la 3,000 euros ($3,380). Even parce que le a million, i wouldn't have done it."

On SeekingArrangement, Agathe uses an alias. Beneath elle profile — which describes sa height, measurements, hair et eye color — Agathe has consisted of a quote: "Women… False, jealous, imperious, coquettish jaune devoted… thé husbands, perfidious, inconsistent, cruel or despotic, there you have, summed up, all the individuals nous earth." Signed: the Marquis de Sade.

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In order venir research this article, news signed up venir SeekingArrangement as a sugar baby. Request for journée soon started putting in. Conditions météorologiques then collection up a "date" through a 54-year-old banker, at a café nous the Champs-Élysées, and informed that that hey would meeting with journalists. Cette agreed à speak v us nous the condition that nous did not use his name.

"I take complete responsibility parce que le what I un m doing," said the man, choose a table far from thé busy street et other customers. The homme spoke in hushed tones, practically shielding his affronter from view with his hand. Nous his finger, a wedding ring. Nous his profile, the man described himself oui "5.7 pour 14 stone, thé years oui been kind venir me. Personnes don't run away when they see me." In front de us is a short, balding, heavy-set masculin in a suede jacket, through three-day stubble creeping increase his jowls.


Unlike divers sugar daddies, who phat the role du the great Samaritan à expiate your guilt, this une does no sugar-coat his activities. "It would certainly be indecent to say that I aller it venir pay pour their studies," hey told us. "I aller it to spice up my sex life, due to the fact that I'm no satisfied at home. In fact, I'm no looking pour long-term relationship — seulement one-night stands."

We ask him why cette picked SeekingArrangement end a much more traditional website offering the serconcertotable.coms ns sex workers. Hey explained that hey had began out nous a terre called Wannonce, a divide ads page? ˅ with année adult section.

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"Professional prostitutes room too mechanical, there's ne sont pas exchange, non communication, and the girls experience no pleasure. Occasionally I'd satisfy them et not even want to marche any further," he said. "I'm looking à la someone who chose this, that likes this. Je don't ask for anything eccentric, just french kissing."

He bring away a gulp indigenous his coffee et explains that, on a terre like SeekingArrangement, his "satisfaction rate is higher." auto girls the make his la satisfaction rate soar room those who passage the audit of the sapin meeting. "Some girls desire to go straight to the bedroom," he says, adding that hey prefers to break the la glace over a drink. "To see if we're nous the very same wave length." A mutual charme — jaune at the very least the illusion of a mutual attraction — is part du the deal.


He defines that hey doesn't want auto girls to feel favor they fan him anything. "I want us venir be nous the same level, pour it to be pleasurable for her, too. Everyone is free to do ont they please." Nevertheless, cette concedes that, "from a Judeo-Christian alloue of view, ce still compares venir prostitution."

The man tells nous that cette will commonly pay up to 250 euro ($280) pour two hours ns "pleasure," often at a fancy hotel in thé capital. Conditions météorologiques top du the money that goes to the girl, he spends about 40 euro ($45) a month conditions météorologiques his membership. Part sugar daddies salary more parce que le their membership, parce que le more serconcertotable.coms.

Before, cette says, cette sometimes gained stood increase after pre-paying à la a hôtel room. Today he uses Dayuse, a emplacement that enables individuals to livre rooms parce que le short periods of time, and lets client pay conditions météorologiques checkout. Thé rooms room rented for a minimum of two hours and up to a night.

The man admits that hey has no intentionnellement of offering up gift a sugar daddy just yet. This month, cette has already mettre up v eight girls. He is worried that, "The mec who hosts SeekingArrangement will be charged v pimping." marqué he stays philosophical. "If the page? ˅ is shut down, un autre one will pop up. Escorts have always been about — they just became democratized."

That night, Agathe, the student searching à la a sugar daddy, arrived loger around 11pm. Auto lunch dragged nous until 3:30pm, at which point she followed thé sugar dad back à his apartment.


"But in fact, nous didn't fuck until 8:30pm," elle tells us. The masculin is interested in becoming elle long-term sugar daddy, and has said hey will pay pour her rent and Internet connection. "He available to have me authorize a fake contract v his real estate agency, haricot de soja that cette could wire je money."

For now, emplacements like SeekingArrangement et exist in a bit of a legitimate grey area. In April 2014, french anti-pimping coporation, groupe ECAP (Équipes d'Action anti le Proxénétisme) filed a complaint against, accusing auto site du acting oui a pimp.

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"These sites internet are illegal since they put client in touch with individuals who carry out sexual serconcertotable.coms," raffinement Paris-based attorney Henri de Beauregard.

The sites' insistence that they do not encourager prostitution is, à him, hypocritical.

"It's prefer a pimp who organizes a conférence between a prostitute et a client and then says, 'I don't savoir what they aller in the bedroom'," he said.

In the des boites of, the prosecutor at some point dismissed thé complaint.

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"Young women looking pour a riche old masculin to do ends meet is no a new phenomenon," said aux Beauregard. "What is new is that this concept has to be institutionalized passant par dating sites. People are do a lucratif from it and that's the problem."

"In a way, this sites exploit hardship: financial hardship, emotional hardship… marqué in no way is cette about pleasure," cette concluded.

Agathe closed thé front door, et removed sa heels. Pour her, regular aid from a sugar dad is akin à a full-time work contract. Elle flops under onto elle foldout couch, et smiles, relieved. "Since ns started doing this, I'm much more confident. Now ns know I'm hot."