Speedway Super Mini 4 Pro Test

As thé world progress ahead, globale warming continues to it is in a prevalent sortir with a dire need ns attention. Ce requires us venir adapt à a an ext eco-friendly lifestyle, i m sorry will at some point make the world a more sustainable et happier place to live in. One such échanger can be switching from utilizing cars to electric scooters.

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Electric scooter are not only good à la the environment marqué are also an ext convenient to use. They deserve to make your du quotidien supermarket trip much more enjoyable et are tarif cheaper 보다 buying et maintaining cars.

To help you find année electric moto that suits her needs, we oui decided to audit the Speedway Mini 4 Pro et share the results below with you.

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Speedway Mini 4 Pro électricité Scooter Review and Specs
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Speedway Mini 4 Pro electric Scooter Review and Settings


In order à determine whether jaune not thé Speedway Mini 4 se mettre daccord is indeed a great buy, we have decided to comparer it through a comparable option—the Inokim’s latest Quick le3 Hero. I m sorry is the meilleur electric scooter?

Motor Power

For starters, both scooter take an excellent pride in their motor power. However, with Quick 3 Hero supplying a engine power du only 450 watts, it falls brief compared to thé 1,360 watts provided par the Speedway Mini. Thus, if you desire a scooters with much greater motor power, thé Speedway Mini 4 se mettre daccord is the better choice.


The Quick le 3 Hero can aller up to a haute of 19 mph. In contrast, thé Speedway provides a maximum speed de 28 mph. Climate again, with a full charge, auto Quick le 3 Hero deserve to cover a greater déménage of 37 to 68 milles while Speedway have the right to only marche 30 miles.

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Charging Time

When we par rapport the charging time, Speedway retakes the winning place. With its quick charge feature, tu can force up the scooters fully in only two hours; whereas, ce takes 5 hours to calculé the Inokim Quick le 3 Hero completely.

Color Options

On the différent hand, auto Inokim Quick le3 Hero uses greater selection in colors. Ce is accessible in five different color schemes, which encompass black, blue, green, yellow, et white. Unfortunately, thé Speedway e-scooter is available seulement un in black and white.


Most importantly, when ce comes to price, both the Speedway and the Inokim Quick le3 Hero space expensive scooters. Comparatively, the Inokim Quick le3 Hero costs much more than thé Speedway Mini 4 Pro.

Speedway Mini 4 pro Review final Verdict

If tu want to make your short rides fun, comfortable, et adventurous, then Speedway Mini is the way à go. Through its dual suspension system et regenerative dum brakes, ce offers a safe et comfortable ride.

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What’s more, elle can ride cette at any time of the day with its pre-installed dirige lights. Not seulement un is cette beneficial à la you cible also thé environment. So, help the nature et help yourself passant par investing in thé Speedway électrique Scooter.