Western Supermarket In District 1

With a large population (over 90 million people), especially between the ages of 16 & 64, is a promising factor for the development of the retail industry. In addition, the living conditions have been improved day by day, so supermarkets have become more và more familiar in the Vietnamese consumers’ life because of the safe assurance of each product. Follow is the 9 largest supermarket chains that have been present in tp hcm City.

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AEON is one of the largest Japanese retail trade groups in the world, and the oldest in Japan, established in 1758 (over 250 years). AEON is one of the largest Japanese retail trade groups in the world, and the oldest in Japan, established in 1758 (over 250 years).

During the operation, AEON always ensures khổng lồ comply with its commitment, which is always setting the “Customer first” aim towards a prosperous, stable and peaceful society through retail sale activities. AEON has been successful in building customer trust as well as expanding business operations, not only in japan but also in other countries in Asia during a period of operation.

In 2009, AEON officially started operating in Vietnam as a Representative Office, and in 2011, AEON Vietnam Co., Ltd. Was officially established by the approval of the thành phố People’s Committee sài gòn City. In addition, AEON was officially awarded an investment license for 2 major projects for AEON Shopping Center: tung Phu Celadon in Ho đưa ra Minh City, AEON Shopping Center – Binh Duong Canary in Binh Duong City.



2. LOTTE Mart

LOTTE Mart is a subsidiary of Korea LOTTE Group, which is a large supermarket chain that sells a wide variety of groceries, clothing, toys, electronics, and other goods. LOTTE Mart opened its first branch in Guui-dong, Gang Byeon, Seoul of Korea on April 1, 1998. In 2008, LOTTE Mart expanded to overseas markets in the following countries: đài loan trung quốc (May ), Indonesia (November), Vietnam (December). Until February 2018, LOTTE Mart has a total of 294 supermarkets worldwide: South Korea 123 supermarkets, trung quốc 112 supermarkets, Indonesia 46 supermarkets, and Vietnam 13 supermarkets.

LOTTE is the 5th large corporation in Korea and the leading enterprise in the Korean distribution industry. It was established in the years 1967 with a total of about 60 professions & now has mix foot in many countries around the world.

Up to lớn now, LOTTE Mart Trade Center has been present in 4 major Asian countries: Korea, China, Indonesia, and Vietnam, with about 293 commercial centers that have been designed and built according khổng lồ Modern style, suitable to the tastes and shopping needs of consumers. In 2020, LOTTE Mart opens 60 more supermarkets across the provinces in Vietnam. Currently, LOTTE Mark owns over 10 major supermarkets in hồ chí minh City.



3. Emart

As the number one retail supermarket chain in Korea, Emart is now an indispensable part of Shinsegae, the leading Korean corporation with diverse business formats such as Starbucks Korea, Shinsegae shopping mall, Premium Outlet system … In 1993, Emart started operations in Korea & took over Walmart Korea in 2006…Currently, Emart is a global retail company with more than 160 stores operating in Korea và China, with branches in the US, Japan, & Vietnam.

Emart is becoming a leading retail company in the world by creating playful lifestyles for customers & creating value benefits for the development of local communities based on the company’s operating principles. Currently, Emart is expanding its business khổng lồ the Vietnamese market because it is considered as a rapidly growing và potential economy. After being granted an investment certificate in October 2014 and a construction permit at the end of February 2015, Emart is urgently speeding up construction progress và plans to xuất hiện the first hypermarket by the over of năm ngoái at 366 Phan Van Tri Street, Ward 5, Go Vap District, Ho bỏ ra Minh thành phố with total investment capital up khổng lồ 60 million USD.

With an area of about 11,900 m2 (construction area of 19,700 m2), Emart offers a modern shopping environment with clean và airy hàng hóa display areas, as well as providing chất lượng products at the best price. In addition lớn the retail area, the Hypermarket also integrates many other facilities such as children’s entertainment area, culinary restaurants, big supermarkets, & attractive services only available at Emart for the first time in Viet Nam.


Emart Vietnam.

Head office và supermarket: 366 Phan Van Tri, Ward 5, Go Vap District, tp hcm City.Phone: (028) 3588 5678.

4. Big C

Big C is a chain of supermarkets operating under the model of “Big Supermarket”, a modern size of retail business. Chợ giao thương big c is being deployed in many countries around the world by vương quốc nụ cười Central Group (Bangkok’s leading retail group operated by the family of Mr. Tiang Chirathivat), which legally takes over from the Casino Group of France.

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Big C is being deployed in many countries around the world by vương quốc của nụ cười Central Group (Bangkok’s leading retail group operated by the family of Mr. Tiang Chirathivat), which legally takes over from the Casino Group of France.

Central Group has started investing in Vietnam since 2011, especially partnerships with local partners like Nguyen Kim & most recently Zalora and Big C. Much of Big C’s space is devoted to lớn consumer goods và food with reasonable price & quality. In addition, chợ giao thương big c supermarket chain provides space for rent inside so that businesses can bởi vì their own business. Therefore, customers who come to shop can choose each convenient product & service only at a certain place.


Big C District 7.

5. Co.opmart

Co.opmart supermarket chain is the only supermarket chain with a Vietnamese brand under the management of Ho chi Minh thành phố Trading Cooperative, established in 1996, with a single branch on Cong Quynh Street, District 1 hcm City. Co.opmart develops quite quickly; Up to now, the Co.opmart system has more than 82 supermarkets, of which a total of about 32 Co.opmart are located in the city. Sài gòn City. In addition, Co.opmart also achieved a lot of great achievements và noble titles such as: “Hero of labor in the innovation period”, “Vietnamese brand is the most loved”, “Top 10 brands are earned the most in Vietnam “, và the Cup of Vietnamese Brand Pride.


6. Vinmart

VinMart is a brand in the retail system industry of Vingroup, a leading multidisciplinary economic group in Vietnam & in the region, developed based on the spirit of “For the quality of life for everyone”, lớn help consumers have outstanding experiences & values when shopping here.

In addition, Vinmart’s supermarkets and convenience stores are located in densely populated areas, with convenient traffic locations and nationwide coverage. In particular, customers also receive many outstanding values through attractive promotions from Vinmart. VinMart supermarkets often have an area of more than 10,000m2 with more than 40,000 different items. In addition, consumers can go to mini supermarkets & VinMart + convenience stores if they are busy. Vinmart + is the miniature model of the Vinmart supermarket, which has all essential items, arranged in the most convenient locations for customers’ shopping.



7. Maximark

Maximark brand is one of the retail systems established in 1996 and is considered a long-standing và reputable supermarket system in the South Central Coast and the South, under the An Phong Investment Joint Stock Company. In addition, Maximark is also known as one of the startup stories of a very new business mã sản phẩm in sài gòn City nearly đôi mươi years ago. A highlight of Maximark Cong Hoa is its multi-purpose arena with a capacity of 3,000 seats, which has had few other major shopping malls investing so far. Vingroup said that after completing all procedures, all Maximark shopping malls & supermarkets will be changed into VinMart / VinMart + supermarkets under the Vinmart system, or become a thành viên of the Retail Vincom system under the brand name Vincom.


Update: Vingroup bought all Maximark shopping malls in the country in 2016. Vingroup said the Maximark supermarkets would be converted into stores or malls of the VinMart, VinMart+ & Vincom Retail brands.

8. Mm Mega Market Viet Nam

Metro or Mega Market was established in 2002. With a wide variety of goods (more than 20,000 food và 30,000 non-food items), Metro is truly a place where customers can go. Experience shopping for all you need. Besides, Metro succeeds in building trust from consumers because its strength is its competitive and reasonable price, suitable for consumers. In particular, Metro also provides other convenient services such as transportation, consulting for small retailers khổng lồ increase the benefits for its customers. Currently, Metro owns all 19 wholesale centers nationwide, including 3 stores in hồ chí minh City.

Thailand’s TCC Group, which purchased the Metro Cash và Carry Vietnam in January 2016, on January 10 announced the official change of the brand name “Metro Viet Nam” to “MM Mega Market Viet Nam”.


Mega Market Vietnam. Image: https://www.vir.com.vn.

Hotline: 1800 799 998.

9. Saigon Supermarket (SatraMart)

SatraMart, also known as Saigon Supermarket is a chain of supermarkets with Vietnamese brands, established in 2001 in District 10, hồ chí minh City, with a total area of up to 7,500m2, with a variety of items (up to more than 30,000 products) with four main categories: Cosmetic Chemistry, Household Appliances, Food, và Garment. There is also a part of the area used for catering services, electronics, footwear, … to become an ideal shopping place for consumers.