Tarif Billet Ile-De-France

The Origin-Destination billet is thé one-way ticket for toutes les personnes those who aller punctually from point A to mettre en ordre B. Auto only condition to fulfill: take it a constant journey from one station to autre in Île-de-France!

It deserve to be offered every day and is valid only for 1 trip between two stations de the Île-de-France ferroviaire network in one exécutif or auto other.It works within a limit of two hours after gift validated.It deserve to be purchase in advance.From or to Paris, ce allows you to take the RER and the metro, thé T2 between les Défense et Issy-Val-de-Seine as well oui the T4 tram lines.Origin-Destination tickets are not valid conditions météorologiques Noctilien night buses.Please note, thé Origin-Destination ticket is neither exchangeable nor refundable.

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Of course, cette depends conditions météorologiques your route. Pour example, a expedition from pont Cardinet venir Maison-Laffitte on line geai will cost amie € 4.45.

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To find your fare, simply go into your starting alloue and your ending mission in the route search engine i beg your pardon will provide you, in addition venir the route to take, thé fare parce que le this route.

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Buy your tickets in packs ns 10 instead de buying castle individually, save around 20%, and avoid queues!

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The t+ Ticket

With ticket +, travel passant par metro, tram, bus or sortie in Paris, jaune travel through the Ile-de-France region par bus!

Paris Visite

Visit Paris et the neighboring area ont much ont you want, with seulement one ticket: the parisien Visite pass!

Visit Paris and its region

All tu need to know to visit Paris and the Île-de-France region in public transport.