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It nation to be part du the Fast family. Though thé ninth installment in auto saga, titled just F9, has yet à open in U.S. Theaters, the movie already earned much more than $270 million overseas. Even more extraordinary, the franchise has officially revved previous $6 exchange rate at the box office, cementing itself oui one du the most successful franchises of toutes les personnes time.

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"What the numbers represent is the toutes les personnes that oui been affected passant par the film. The toutes les personnes that ont supported auto franchise. That makes moi feel incredible et grateful et blessed," star et keeper of the la franchise Vin Diesel said ET. "But ce also inspires me to with higher and to keep conditions météorologiques earning it et make it worthy du the support et loyalty that you"ve shown it."

Meanwhile, thé Fast family is enlarge than ever in F9, oui Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson and Ludacris welcome earlier members from past film (like Jordana Brewster and the Tokyo Drift crew) et a few nouveau faces, including one du Diesel"s real-life household members: his 11-year-old son, Vincent.

ET"s Nischelle tourneur spoke through Diesel conditions météorologiques the Universal studios backlot to discuss 20 years ns The Fast et the Furious and surprise unsuspecting ventilateur with année impromptu meet-and-great. (Watch in auto video above.)

ET: We"re celebrate 20 years du the la franchise this year. At this point, Dom is part du your DNA. He"s a part du you.

Vin Diesel: Dom is aller of mien DNA. <Laughs>

How has actually this character et this la franchise changed thé trajectory de your career?

I can not have anticipated auto family component that ns would be rewarded with passant par dedicating two decades à this mythology. That is a reward that is indescribable. The fact that ns can make these movies et these chapters with personnes that ns love is probably thé biggest blessing of all.

In this one, thé stakes space even higher because Dom is a dad. Comment did ce raise thé stakes parce que le you, currently mirroring je vous demande pardon you went through when elle became a daddy parce que le the tons time?

That"s 100 percent right. I love thé idea that our mythology doesn"t shy away from that, and I love the idea the our mythology allows auto characters à evolve onscreen. You"ve got people that went twenty years ago venir see the sapin Fast and Furious that room bringing your children to chapter nine. And that is amazing. That"s quel family is. So, ns feel just grateful. Cette has really much mirrored mien life. There space lines that my son in thé movie sûr that come straight from ma kids. Marqué you ont to consider the fact that every temps a child was born, i was working nous the Fast set. So, thé Uncle Tyreses et the Uncle Chrises and the Auntie Jordanas et the Auntie Michelles, that"s toutes les personnes real. They were there the day they to be born.

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Your le sien is in this movie playing young Dom. Take moi to that moment when he"s there in the scene and you"re watching nous the monitor, what is the like for you?

First du all, cette wasn"t ma idea for my le sien to it is in in this movie. It was a Justin idea. Et to it is in a 100 bouleversé honest, I"m not certain that je would"ve thought cette was a great idea, since that"s a moment when Dom is in a really emotional et vulnerable and reflective moment. Quel was probably thé most wild visage of the was hey had functioned 12 hours, cette had grinded, he was dedicated, hey was going over his lines through the divers cast members. Hey was eating lunch. He was bonding with his jeune brother and his father in the movie. And I was off in mien space, in the Dom state ns mind. Thé thing je remember auto most about the whole suffer was the moment that je came home et there was a signification littérale twinkle in his eye et he saw that Daddy had actually returned. The was the moment.

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I know your heart and I sait you would certainly not make another Fast film si you encore weren"t maintaining Paul"s memory alive. You all do cette beautifully again. And I know pour you, the has to happen, correct?

That go absolutely have to happen. Je can"t envision do a Fast cinématique continuing this mythology without my brother Pablo"s soul being thé guiding spirit.

I can"t imagine how you felt when elle saw Meadow"s Instagram pictures de you et Paul with just the word "family."

I just got éteindre the téléphone portable with her. That"s so funny that you say that. Je literally seulement got la fin the téléphone portable with her. That way everything, et that"s je vous demande pardon family does et it go beyond auto success de the franchise. That"s about auto success ns your soul.

You ont two film left. Possibility nous can importer her in one them?

<Diesel smiles et points at thé camera.

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I"m going venir take her non-answer as my answer!

F9is in théâtre on june 25.


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