Famous illustration at his expense, the Zouave ns pont aux l’Alma fan his fame to auto flood du 1910, as soon as his cops became thé measurement scale parce que le a historical flood. A random ? Not soja much, once you sait that this Zouave then had actually a very great reputation through Parisians …

Infantry unit du Algerian origin produced following thé first colonial wars in 1830, the Zouaves were in the service du the Turks avant joining the french after the capturer of Algiers. Composed exclusively ns Europeans from 1842, it has always been recognizable passant par its singular uniform, fabriquer of baggy pants, white gaiters, a long belt of le 3 meters, a brief jacket, a headgear decorated with an acorn and a turban. A garment that did not go unnoticed!

In enhancement to auto uniform, ce was the valiant character de these soldiers which to be deeply rooted in auto memory du the French, them who were specifically illustrated during thé Battle de Crimea passant par seizing Russian artillery on the banks du the river. Thé Alma to turn lock against the enemy. A symbol of victory the Napoleon iii wished to honneur upon his revenir to Paris de building a bridge.

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The Zouave, the work of georges Diebolt, was originally accompanied par three camardos: a grenadier, a hunter on football and année artilleryman.

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Auguste Hippolyte Collard — central University Libraries – southern Methodist University

During auto 1910 floods, thé Zouave became a well-known measuring instrument, i m sorry Parisians came to scrutinize every day venir follow the development ns the flood. Choose a metaphor pour their destiny …


But in 1970, a settlement de the floor forced auto replacement of the bridge. Once the new bridge was built, seulement un the Zouave to be replaced, its three acolytes having actually been dispersed in several french cities. Ce would indeed oui been unthinkable pour Parisians venir lose your unit of measurement! even today, the Zouave remains auto popular défaut metro parce que le the whims du the Seine. Without scientific value, since thé official measurement point are nous the passerelle d’Austerlitz jaune the Pont du la Tournelle. Cible whatever. Ce is when thé Zouave has his feet drowning that parisien is alert.

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The Alma bridge has additionally been known global since august 1997, the daté of the Princess Diana accident. Ce serves nous the left banque the jetée Branly museum.